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Dragon Ball Theory

Thanks go to Frank Solowczuk for providing us with this theory:

Albert Einstein theorized that time and gravity are a close link. He also said if you travel at the speed of light your body will age  slower than people that are not. If you travel at the speed of light for 10 years, came back to earth, you'll be 10,000 years into the future (or something like that). In 1976 a physicist theorized you can travel back in time by getting and object with a gravity 100,000 stronger than our sun's, stand at the edge of it, and spin the object close to light speed. The exact opposite of going to the future in which you must go at the speed of light.

Remember, the higher ones gravity or weight in proportion to one's relative gravity, the faster time would travel. To an ant, life seems just as long as to an elephant. That's why flies have much better reflexes.

Now, imagine the Earth, the Sun and a blackhole laying on top of a rubber sheet. Earth will bend the sheet a little and the Sun will bend the sheet a lot because its heavier. A Black Hole on the other hand will break through the sheet. The Black Hole has such a powerful gravity that even light cannot escape. The Black Hole is quite literally making it's own time frame and own universe. In other words, if you bend gravity, you bend time. Any physicist will tell you this.

Now your reading this and saying to yourself "What the heck does this have to do with anything!"
Well one night I connected this theory with why in DBZ they have really fast reflexes and move so fast! As one recalls, in DBZ they obviously move faster than the speed of sound without making sonic booms. In the next paragraph I hope I will make DBZ scientifically possible.

Did you ever notice why gravity seems to be the main topic of massive powerlevel increases? That's because Goku is able to adapt to lets say 450 times gravity. To him, normal now is 450 times gravity. Everything in the normal gravity world just seems slow when he's charged up. Sure, there are other ways of become ungodly powerful in DBZ without gravity training, but this is concrete evidence. Goku in which now mastered time a gravity himself because earth's gravity is no longer an obstacle.

Couple paragraphs ago I said that DBZ characters usually don't make sonic booms even though they travel much faster than the speed of sound. Well, think about it. Vegeta is like a black hole, his power is so strong that he's able (you guessed it) bend time and gravity himself! History lesson: In 1996 a French physicist proposed on can travel at the speed of light without actually going the speed of light. If you can squeeze the gravity ahead of you, you can get past the object faster but still going at the same speed. That's because there's less distance between you and your desired point. What Vegeta does is bend gravity ahead of him so he can get closer, lets say, Recoom, without having to break the law of physics which does not permit traveling close to the speed of light. The higher one's powerlevel, the higher one's "gravity". So Vegeta gets to Recoom without actually traveling faster than the speed of sound in which ladies and gentleman, without making a sonic boom.

Why do you think when character charge up, they strangely alter gravity around them? Or when two character lock up, the ground around them creates a crater? They create their own gravity. Akira Toriyama is a smart fellow. He probably knew this without actually knowing why.

PS- Isn't it funny that the same gravity enhancing ship that Goku used to get to planet Namek also lets him travel beyond light speed. Remember, it's supposed to take years at light speed travel to get from one star to another. Just a thought.





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