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Dragon Ball Dialogue Scripts

DBZ 26 "Waiting patiently for three hours. The kinto flies"

DBZ 27 "Leave it to me." Gohan's explosion of anger"

DBZ 28 "The
savagery of the Saiyajin. God and Piccolo die."

DBZ 67 "
Lightning balls or Red and Blue! .Jeice and Baata Attack Goku.!"

DBZ 68 "At last, a direct confrontation! Commander Ginyu takes the field."

DBZ 69 "Incredible Force!! Did You See Goku's Full Power?"

DBZ 70 "What of the Battle's Outcome!? F
uriza's Evil hand Closes Around the Senior Elder"

DBZ 71 "Surprise!! Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku"

DBZ 72 "Come Forth Super Shen
ron!! Grant Me My Wish"

DBZ 95 "Transformed at last! Son Goku, the Legendary Super Saiyajin"

DBZ 96 "An Explosion of Anger!! Goku, Avenge Everyone's Deaths"

DBZ 121 "Hiya! It's been awhile. The return of Son Goku."

DBZ 141 "In the face of an enemy unlike any before...birth of Super Namekseijin."

DBZ 142 "Kamehameha! A Monster who has Goku's ki?"

DBZ 143 "Hatred and destruction's being, it's name is the Android Cell."

DBZ 183 "Miniature threats. The Cell Juniors."

- NEW -DBZ 189 " A nightmare is reborn. The absolute terror."

DBZ 191 "The fight is over! Thank you Son Goku"

DBZ 248 "Bye Everyone!! Goku Goes Back To The Afterlife"

DBZ 249 "Where's Gohan? The harsh training on KaioShin Kai"

Movie 10 "The dangerous pair. Super warriors never rest"

GT Episode Scripts

GT 1 "The Mysterious Dragonballs, Gokuh Turns into A Kid"

GT 2 "I'm the Star, Pan Leaps into Space."

GT 3 "Greedy! Imegga, the Planet of Merchants"

GT 33 "Get it Bebi! The new Uub's strongest beam!"

- NEW -GT 45 " Hurry Goku! The plan to escape from Hell."

GT 63 " The Miracle Turnaround Victory!! Goku Pleads with the Galaxy for Help."

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