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Quick Start Playing

This was taken from the Quick Start Play Sheet included with every Starter Deck.

1) Both players get their cards. One plays as Goku, the other plays as Raditz.
2) Both players put out their 3 Main Personality cards and Life Decks, and set their Scouters and warrior swords.
3) Goku is first, so he draws 3 cards from his life deck.
4) Goku can play a Non-Combat card now, but has none. Next, Goku Powers Up by moving his Scouter up by his PUR (1 Power Stage).
5) Goku decides to attack Raditz, so Raditz draws three cards, too.
6) Goku attacks with a One-knuckle punch. This causes Goku's anger, tracked on his Warrior Sword, to move from 0 to 1.
7) Raditz defends with a Shoulder Throw... which blocks the One Knuckle Punch...
8) ... and raises Raditz's anger to 1.
9) Raditz attacks back, with a Lunge Punch, which raises his anger by one to 2.
10) Goku blocks the attack with Mother's Touch... which must be discarded from the game.
11) Goku attacks with his card pwoer, the Kamehameha Energy Attack, from his Main Personality card, which costs him one power stage, to 900.
12) Raditz defends with his Main Personality card power, Saiyan Energy Deflection... which reduces the damage to discarding only two life cards.
13) Raditz now attacks with the last card in his hand, Goku's Anger Attack (a cruel twist of fate used against Goku).
14) Since Goku's last attack card won't block the attack, the attack is successful. Damage from a physical attack is determined on the Physical Attack Table.
15) The Table indicates Goku, the defender, loses 2 power stages. The attack card doubled it to 5, so Goku moves his scouter down 4 power stages to 500.
16) Goku's last card won't inflict any damage, so he passes. Raditz passes, also, since he is out of cards.
17) Combat cards that were played are discarded, and Goku's turn, which began in Step 3, ends.
18) The game continues with Raditz's turn. Raditz draws 3 cards. Play until one of you wins!

Ways of Winning
- Become the highest level personality... (higher levels are achieved through higher anger)
- ... be the last surviving player (the player still having a life deck)...
- ... or collect all seven Dragon Balls to win!

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