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Dragon Ball Game Reviews

Known as the worst DBZ game for Playstation, and, I agree. The game play is slow, and, the way they talk is horrible. But, who am I to judge. Read it for yourself.

GRAPHICS: They were pretty good, or so I think. The intro was fantastic, and, what wanted me to buy the game in the first place. However, the backgrounds didn't support the characters. 2D characters in 3d backgrounds, in my opinion, don't mix. But, enough about that, let's get down and dirty. Before a fight even starts, two of the characters that will fight will taunt and talk to each other, with terrible mouth movement. However, it is pretty good. Each character has about 2-3 speeches, but the lips with the voices don't work to well. But, some characters only use one taunt, and, can use it against many other characters, instead of a certain character. But, for some famous scenes, Goku vs. Freeza, Gohan vs. Cell, Gotenks vs. Super Buu, and so forth. They can use original dialogue from the show, and, has their own special taunts. The Super Moves and Meteo Smashes are nice, but, the explosions from ki, horrible. Some things in this game are so pathetic; they just don't have any need to be seen.

MUSIC/SOUND: The music of this game is really nice and can be sort of relaxing. When you play a game, I think, you should either have relaxing songs that can let you think, or, real fast paced music, so you can get ready for some great scenes. This game has it. I suggest that you should listen to the music a bit and here how good it sounds. Sound is iffy. The voices are absolutely perfect from the show, but ki blasts are odd sounding, and, flying sounds weird as well. Punches and kicks sound good though.

GAMEPLAY/CONTROL: This game has more ways to attack and defend then I have ever played. Determining a character, will affect the way you fight and defend, so much, you could screw yourself up with a foreign character. Blasts attack don't take a long time to do, and, can be shot at pretty good. You cannot do some odd blast attack that some characters have their signature move on. There isn't a split screen, like in the previous games; so, you cannot do the level change way of fighting. You can fly and go into an air level anyway, so, instead of split screen, you have a larger background, and, the game play gets a little worse. The computer is very hard, so, try and stay on your toes. The action is slow, but the controls are really good. Everything, because of it being the first DBZ Playstation consol, is slow. But, you would know if they had time, the controls would be good, because it takes a few seconds to react.

GAME MODES: Here, they are, the game modes:

SURVIVAL MODE (1P Vs CPU): Just like a regular game, you pick a character and fight your way through a mass of other characters to get to the end. If you fight without losing even once, you get to fight Gogeta in the end. If you defeat Fat Boo almost perfectly, you fight Mr. Satan instead of Super Boo. After defeating everyone, the credits will come. There is no alternate ending for every character, but there are some special images at the end.

VERSUS MODE (1P Vs 2P): You can use lots of strategies in this part of the game, and, everything is basically evened out. That's about it.

TENKAICHI BUDOUKAI MODE: You fight only one opponent once from the computer, and, everything is evened out. It's just like versus mode, except, you fight the computer over and over. Your health is restored every time after a fight.

BUILD UP MODE: A weird mode, where you can't make a perfect character. Some attacks will become weaker than others, and, some will become stronger. You train one character to build him up to make him even stronger in a game.

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Goku, Chibi no Goku, SSJ3 Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Mirai no Trunks, Goten, Gohan, Great Saiyaman, Kuririn, Tenshinhan, Kamesennin, Mr. Satan, #16, #18, Cell, Freeza, Boo, Ginyu, Zarbon, Super Boo, Gogeta, Piccolo, Gotenks, Recoome, Kaioshin, and Darbura.

OVERALL: Not a great game, and, probably the worst for Playstation. I suggest this one after you have played the others.

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