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King Kamehameha    

"!" It's a phrase you hear a lot during the Dragon Ball series, after all; it is one of the most used moves in the  series. But how did Akira Toriyama come up with it? Truth is, he didn't. While thinking of a name for the move, he asked his wife, who suggested Kamehameha. Kamehameha was actually the name of a Hawaiian King, and that's what this section is here to tell you about.
[Note] Thanks to some encyclopedia program for this information :P

King Kamehameha was also known as "The Great." He was king of Hawaii from the years 1782 to 1819. By 1810, "The Great" had united all the Hawaiian islands under his powerful rule. Ending regional warfare, he adopted uniform laws and earned his kingdom a fortune by promoting trade with Europe and the USA. Although he remained open to new ideas that could add to his people's welfare, King Kamehameha protected old Hawaiian religion and customs, and he continued Hawaiian independence during a time of Western colonial expansion.

King Kamehameha died in 1819. Though he is no longer alive, he still lives in the hearts and souls of his people. To celebrate his excellent ruling, the people of Hawaii announced June 11th as King Kamehameha Day. Besides that, his name also lives on through the heart of Dragon Ball fans, or the ones who actually care. After all, no one can ever forget "Kamehameha!"

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