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Growing Up - Yamcha

The section of Yamcha Growing Up.

Once a desert bandit, now a non-stop trainer, and owner of the Rougafufuken, this fighter loves to train and try to make moves on women.

After meeting Bulma, searching for the Dragon Balls, he started to fall in love with her and finally decided to move in with her. He remained a rival of Goku, until Goku surpassed him by a long mile. He then started to stop training as much, but soon started again around the time Cell came. After that, he let himself go and just relaxed.

Robber Period
Book One ~ Book Two

After seeing Goku and gang come by, he demanded thier money and hoi poi capsules. After seeing he couldn't get that, he attacked with his Rougafufuken, but was defeated. He followed Goku around, until he decided to become good and went with Bulma.

Kamesennin Diciple Period
Book Ten ~ Book Fourteen

Yamcha was taken under Kamesennin's wing, after fighting Urani Ba Ba's fighters and came back in the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, stronger than ever. He tried to take on Tenshinhan, but was overpowered and had to train again.

Yamcha faught Tenshinhan. (Book Ten . Chapter One Hundred and Seven)

Warrior Training Period
Book Fourteen ~ Book Thirty Five

Yamcha tried to go to Goku's level, by taking Kami Sama's training. He learned it was no easy task and was very deadly. He didn't quit however and became very strong, trying to take on the Saiya-jins, but died, trained while dead, came back, trained more, but was soon stopped in training, after almost dying from Android 20.

Yamcha faught as many fighters as possible, thought his life. (Book Eightteen . Chapter Two Hundred and Fourteen/Book Twenty Nine . Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Eight)

Lesser in Marital Arts
Book Thirty Six ~ Book Forty Two

After the fight of Cell, Yamcha settled down and didn't train as much. He knew that he couldn't keep up with Goku anymore, so he just decided to spend the rest of his life right. Just finding women. Although he never got any, that still didn't stop him, even after ten years from the defeat of Buu.

Yamcha still hadn't aged much and was still a lean fighter. (Book Forty Two . Chapter Five Hundred and Eighteen)

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