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Growing Up - Vegeta

The section of Vegeta Growing Up.

Always receiving second place behind Son Goku, Vegeta constantly trains himself to become stronger than him and be known as the strongest overall.

At an early age, Vegeta showed promising skills. Not only was he the prince of the Saiya-jins, but he was also one of the very strongest. He was known to most likely be a super Saiya-jin, after they threw Brolly out. He came to Earth to find the Dragon Balls and wish for immortality, but found another Saiya-jin, Kakarotto, was stronger. He would forever train his hardest, to become stronger than him, and be the best.

World Invador Period
Book Eighteen ~ Book Twenty Eight

Not deciding to take orders from Freeza, Vegeta sets off for a course of Earth to get the Dragon Balls. After not successfully getting the balls, Freeza found out the ones on Namek, and went that way, while Vegeta suffered all the way home.

Vegeta and Nappa come on Earth. (Book Nineteen . Chapter Two Hundred and Four)

Vegeta turned Oozaru on the planet Earth. (Book Twenty . Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Two/Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Three)

Deciding to Live on Earth Period
Book Twenty Eight ~ Book Forty Two

After being wished to Earth, Vegeta had no choice but to stay and wait. After learning of a space ship to travel in, Vegeta went off. He trained in space for some time, but soon came back to Earth. He was treated and recovered from all of his wounds, and decided to train on Earth. After much time, he saw Bulma was a lonely women and had a son with her a year later. He then decided, he would live and die on Earth.

Vegeta started living with Bulma. (Book Twenty Eight . Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Nine)

Super Saiya-jin
From Book Thirty Two On

While training in space, Vegeta achieved the level of super Saiya-jin. It was a great victory, for the proud Saiya-jin prince. He left Earth, a Saiya-jin. He returned, an invincible warrior. Beaten and bruised, he finally recovered, and trained harder still, for the fight of the Androids. He destroyed number 19 with a Big Bang Attack, but after being confronted by number 17 and 18, he learned, that not all super Saiya-jin's, are invincible.

Vegeta showed he could turn super Saiya-jin. (Book Twenty Nine . Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Three)

Super Saiya-jin Number 2 Stage
From Book Thirty Two On

After seeing for himself, that the Androids were too strong, Vegeta went into the Room of Spirit and Time, and trained ever so hard, so he, himself, could achieve a form beyond that of a super Saiya-jin. After only two months, he did it. When he emerged from the room, he faught Cell, and could have defeated him them, but his own curiousity and strength, wouldn't save him from Cell's perfect form.

Vegeta was proven to go beyond a super Saiya-jin. (Book Thirty Two . Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Five)

Prince Destruction (Majin Vegeta)
From Book Thirty Eight On

Goku had beaten Vegeta, once again. He couldn't stand to take the pressure of being second. After finding out from Babidi, if he gave himself to become a Majin, he could have enough power to kill Goku, and ressurect Majin Buu. Vegeta willingly let himself go and faught Goku, up until he gave his life, to try and destroy what he let live.

Vegeta turned himself evil and became a Majin. (Book Thirty Eight . Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Six.)

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