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Growing Up - Son Goten

The section of Son Goten Growing Up.

Born of the strongest fighter in the universe, he became the youngest super Saiya-jin.

Goten is an exact look-a-like of his father in every feature possible. He trains just as hard as his father as well. Because he is a young boy and is also half Saiya-jin, he can get really curious about anything. Him and his best Trunks usually get in trouble together.

Boy Period
From Book Thirty Six On

Goten always had potentail to become very strong, but no one paid attention to him, because they thought he was just a normal kid. However, he proved them wrong, by his training with Gohan, by fireing ki blasts and even turning super Saiya-jin at age seven.

Goten became training with Gohan for the Tenkaichi Budoukai. (Book Thirty Six . Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Eight)

Super Saiya-jin
From Book Thirty Six On

Everyone knew Goten had great strength, but he unleashed his power of a super Saiya-jin on... his mother? Yes, Chi Chi took time out of his day to train him to fight a bit, but she made him so angry, he turned super Saiya-jin and kicked his mom across a field.

Goten turned super Saiya-jin for the first time. (Book Thirty Six . Chapter Four Hundred and Seven)

From Book Forty On

From the threat of Majin Buu, Goten and Trunks both trained to fuse together and become the all powerful, Gotenks. They got to train even more with this fusion, in the Room of Spirit and Time. When Buu came to see him, he showed that he would be absolutly, no push over.

Goku taught Goten and Trunks the fusion technique. (Book Thirty Nine . Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy Two)

Goten and Trunksfinally perfected the ultimate version of Gotenks. (Book Forty . Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty)

Super Saiya-jin Gotenks
From Book Forty On

Allowing time to train in the Room of Spirit and Time, the two boys had to achieve super Saiya-jin all over again. They finally did so and did many attacks in this form. They were so powerful, that they needed Piccolo's help with it, which made him very tired.

Gotenks finally got to fight Buu in super Saiya-jin form. (book Forty One . Chapter Four Hundred and Ninety)

Gotenks, still in super Saiya-jin form, faught Buu and both got beat up severly. (Book Forty One . Chapter Four Hundred and Ninety Three)

Super Saiya-jin 3 Gotenks
Book Forty One

Since the boys were both super Saiya-jins to begin with and trained extensivly, they became something only one person could do. They achieved super Saiya-jin 3. This surprised Buu, because this guy actually almost got as strong as them.

Super Saiya-jin 3 Gotenks escaped from the Room of Spirit and Time to go and attack Buu again. (Book Forty One . Chapter Four Hundred and Ninety Three)

Young Man Period
Book Forty Two

After the treat of Majin Buu, Goten finally got to settle down and grow up normally. But, this "normal" way of life as he thinks it, is to chase girls around. His father doesn't approve and wants him to train just as hard as ever. Goten soon learns, that he hates his Saiya-jin ways.

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