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Growing Up - Son Goku

The section of Son Goku Growing Up.

Throughout his life, he gets in so many fights, he becomes strong to go beyond normal power!!

Since the beginning he was born, Goku was a natural fighter, that got in many fights. Along his way of life, he became stronger and stronger, to the point, that he became unusually strong and had unusual powers that could not be matched. He started at the manga from book one, chapter one.

Boy Period
Book One ~ Book Fourteen

The young fighter, known as Goku, went on many adventures at an early age. He trained with Kamesennin, participated in many Tenkaichi Budoukais, and even fought the Red Ribbon Army. All of this training, would help him overcome many obstacles the future had to offer.

Goku appeared to be normal, until turning Oozaru. (Book Two . Chapter Twenty One)

Time Goku turned into an Oozaru. (Book Two . Chapter Twenty Two/Book Five . Chapter Fifty One)

Young Man Period
Book Fourteen ~ Book Forty Two

After fighting the Lord Demon Piccolo, Goku went up to Kami's tower, to train beyond human ablilities, still a young boy. Afterwards, he came back to fight Ma Junior, or Lord Demon Piccolo's son. Goku was first seen as a full grown man, before the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai.

Kami Sama's training made Goku ready to fight the evil son of the devil, Ma Junior/Piccolo. (Book Fourteen . Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Six/Book Fifteen . Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Nine)

Super Saiya-jin
From Book Twenty Seven On

After fighting Vegeta, and healing, and training all the way to planet Namek, Goku came in contact with Freeza, lord of the universe. While fighting Freeza, Krillin accidentally got killed by Freeza, which moved Goku so much in anger, that he achieved a form on Saiya-jin could; the super Saiya-jin.

Krillin died of Freeza's attack, which made Goku go super Saiya-jin. (Book Twenty Seven . Chapter Three Hundred and Seven)

Super Saiya-jin Full Power
From Book Thrity Four On

After Vegeta and Trunks left the Room of Spirit and Time, it was Goku and Gohan's turn. After training almost half a year inside, while half a day went by outside, Goku decided that they will become super Saiya-jin, even in thier normal state, to relieve tension and not be as aggressive, and therefore, when powering up, have greater power.

Goku and Gohan stayed in super Saiya-jin form, as a normal state. (Book Thirty Three . Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Seven)

Super Saiya-jin 2
From Book Thirty Eight On

In the after world, Goku trained so hard, that he too, like his son, achieved the power of super Saiya-jin 2. He fought Vegeta in this, for the first time we see him in it, in the Buu saga. He had to fight Vegeta in this form, because Vegeta himself, achieved super Saiya-jin 2 as Goku.

Goku fought Vegeta as super Saiya-jin 2. (Book Thirty Eight . Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Eight)

Super Saiya-jin 3
From Book Forty On

After trying to buy time for Trunks to get the Dragon Radar, Goku fought Majin Buu as super Saiya-jin 3, a brand new, never before seen form by a Saiya-jin. But, while in this form, he limited his time on Earth, since he was still dead.

Goku went beyond super Saiya-jin two, while fighting Majin Buu. (Book Forty . Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy Three)

Super Vegetto
Book Forty Two

After realizing that Goku couldn't turn super Saiya-jin three for more power, Goku decided to fuse with Vegeta, thus becoming one of the most poewrful fighters, Vegetto. In this form, he could have easily beaten Majin Buu, but was too cocky.

Goku and Vegeta fused together to defeat the great evil, Majin Buu. (Book Forty Two . Chapter Five Hundred and Three)

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