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Growing Up - Son Gohan

The section of Son Gohan Growing Up.

Ever since as a young child, this boy showed so much power off, and even gained much more, after becoming a man.

Being the son of the strongest man in the world, this boy deinatly had potential to great power. This harnessed and controlled this power more and more as he became older, and soon showed to become the strongest fighter in the universe, if he had the potential to do so. As a half Saiya-jin, it is shown that cross breeding makes one a much stronger fighter.

Very Young Boy Period
Book Seventeen ~ Book Twenty Eight

Goku and Chi Chi's son, Gohan, proved to be a great scholar, as well as a great fighter. Almost as great as his father, which his father tries to prove. As a young boy, he learns how to control his power, at the aid of Piccolo, an alien to Earth. He then faces off against the two renegade Saiya-jin and the monster Freeza.

Gohan shows to become an Oozaru. (Book Eightteen . Chapter Two Hundred and Eight/Book Twenty . Chapter Two Hundred and Forty)

Boy Period
Book Twenty Eight ~ Book Thirty Five

After the fight of Freeza, more dangers threatened the Earth. Such men, were not men. They were the Jinzouningen, or the Artifcial Humans. Gohan fought harder and harder to become stronger than his father, in the Room of Spirit and Time, and finally did so, by powering up to a whole new level.

Super Saiya-jin
From Book Thirty Three On

After learning of a room where a day outside, is a year inside of the room, (the Room of Spirit and Time) Gohan goes in it with his father, and while inside, achieves the new level of super Saiya-jin. This is somewhat of a special bond between the two, because the only people who saw Goku turn super Saiya-jin was Gohan and Freeza, because Piccolo was unconcious, and Krillin died. But, Freeza died as well, so only Gohan can say he saw it. As did Goku. Goku was the only one who saw Gohan achieve super Saiya-jin.

Goku trains Gohan to become a super Saiya-jin. (Book Thirty Two . Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Seven)

Super Saiya-jin 2
From Book Thirty Four On

Cell's dream was to become perfect and fight a worthy opponeant, almost as good a fighter as himself. He finally achieved it, by pushing Gohan's anger to the next level, by trying to kill his father and his friends. After the death of number 16, Gohan realized that he couldn't control his anger much more, and let the rage flow. After letting the anger loose, he somehow got a hold of it, and remained powered up to the death of Cell.

After Cell kills number 16, it pushes Gohan to great anger. (Book Thirty Four . Chapter Four Hundred and Seven)

High School Life Period
Book Thirty Six ~ Book Forty Two

After killing Cell, saving the world, and losing his father, Gohan tries his best to just become a normal boy, and study hard for school. After seven years, he is a young man, who is off to high school. There, he meets brand new friends, as well as some not so good friends.

Gohan goes into his brand new high school classes. (Book Thirty Six . Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Two/Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Four)

Bulma makes Gohan a super hero costume. (Book Thirty Six . Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Three)

Gohan decides to meet his friends and dad at the Budoukai. (Book Thirty Six . Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Six)

Great Saiyaman takes to his life to prevent crime. (Book Thiry Six . Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Four)

Super Saiya-jin 2 High School Life Period
Book Thirty Seven

In the middle of Gohan's fight in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, Kibito, his opponant, tells him to go super Saiya-jin for him. Gohan is curious why and how he knows to do so, but after some convincing, Gohan does so, and we find out, he can still go super Saiya-jin 2, with the lighting bolts around him.

Another Future Son Gohan
Book Thirty Three

During Trunks's fight with Cell, Trunks tells Cell of his future, and how horrible it is. While explaining, we see Gohan, fully grown, (with a different hair-do) without an arm, and still fighting the Artificial Humans. However, the Artificial Humans would be the death of him, and Trunks would have to go back in time to make everything right.

War Man of the Highest Strength (Mystic Gohan)
Book Forty One

When Rou Kaioushin made his appearence, he learned that Gohan had the greatest potential, even above Goku, to become the strongest warrior ever. He decided to give him a power up so severly, that he would never go super Saiya-jin again, because the power would cause an off balance and could kill him. After recieving the power up, Gohan went to fight Buu, which was an easy fight, but was defeated by a trick.

Father and Parent Period
Book Forty Two

After the fight of Buu, Gohan settled down with Videl, and had a young girl, named Pan. Gohan never really trained much anymore, and soon became a non-stop scholar. Goku, Pan's grandfather, decides to train her instead, so they can at least have some powerful fighters to protect the Earth.

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