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Growing Up - Piccolo

The section of Piccolo Growing Up.

Great Demon Lord did all he could in every single way, to try and take over the world. After giving birth to a son with feelings, he grew up to be Piccolo, a lone fighter that always seemed to come at the right place, at the right time.

Great Demon Lord Piccolo was supposed to be the devil himself. He drew chaos everywhere and enjoyed every bit. But, after fighting and getting killed by Goku, he spat out an egg, which turned into Piccolo, a drone with the sole purpose to kill Goku. It is soon learned that he is part of Kami and if he dies, Kami dies and the Dragon Balls go away. Over time, he turns into a good guy.

Great Demon Lord Period
Book Twelve ~ Book Fourteen

Known as the devil, Piccolo Daimou wanting nothing more in the world than to destroy it slowly. However, his plans were stopped by Goku, but tried to keep the streak alive, by spitting out his last minion, Ma Junior, or Piccolo.

Piccolo Daimou spat out his egg of his son. (Book Fourteen . Chapter One Hundred and Sixty One)

Young Child Period
Book Fourteen

After Great Demon Lord Piccolo spat out his egg, Ma Junior came out, and was only seen briefly. His only purpse to live now, was to kill Son Goku, his father's assissan. He had all Piccolo Daimou's memories and feelings toward Goku, which pushed him even more.

Ma Junior Period
Book Fourteen ~ Book Twenty Five

After three years of non-stop training, Ma Junior developed and fully matured into a young Namek adult, with the sole purpose, of killing Goku for his fathers last wish. They meet at the Tenkaichi Budoukai and become rivals all the way up to the fight of Freeza, when he finally turns good.

Ma Junior faught with Goku in the arena, after growing to an enormous size. (Book Sixteen . Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Six)

Nail and the Original
Book Twenty Five ~ Book Thirty

After Kaiosama let Piccolo get wished to Namek, Piccolo immeditaly went in search of Gohan. Along the way, he found the strongest Namek of the planet and decided to fuse with him. Upon the fusion, Piccolo gained almost two times his normal strength. He then fought Freeza, but it wasn't enough.

Piccolo and Nail merged together as one. (Book Twenty Five . Chapter Two Hundred an Ninety Five)

Kami Sama and Fusion
Book Thirty ~ Book Forty Two

Upon learning of the great evil, Cell, that has invaded the Earth, Kami Sama agreed to fuse with Piccolo, thus becoming a super Namek-sei-jin. With this power, he could have easily killed Cell, but held back power, and let it go to waste, by not being able to match up in strength anymore.

Kami Sama and Piccolo both fused together. (Book Thirty . Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty)

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