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Growing Up - Kamesennin

The section of Kamesennin Growing Up.

Once was the strongest man on Earth, now is the most perverted. Kamesennin always has some odd trick up his sleeve, as well as some panties.

Kamesennin, the Turtle Hermit, invinted the Kamehameha, and trained Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha to become incredible fighters. He used to be the strongest fighter on Earth, until Goku came along. After a while, he gave up fighting, and just let himself become perverted. He also was supposed to live forever, due to the Immortal Phoniex, but died trying to save the Earth from Piccolo Daimou. He got wished back though and never got in very many fights.

Muton Roshi
Book One ~ Book Forty Two

Muton Roshi, also known as Kamesennin, is a master of martial arts. His master sealed up Piccolo Daimou, and he tried to do it again, after he was released, but failed and lost his life. He was wished back, but eventually just settle back, and let Goku and his friends do the fighting.

Muton Roshi Full Power
Book Two

After recieving word from Goku that he needed help to put out Frypan Mountain, Kamesennin agreed to go along. However, he didn't have the Bansho Fan, which could make heavy tsunami's and rains, so he put out the flames with a full powered Kamehameha. He fired it, but destroyed the entire mountain.

Kamesennin fired the full blast Kamehameha. (Book Two . Chapter Fourteen)

Jackie Chun
From Book Three On

Kamesennin tricked Goku and Krillin, by disguising himself as "Jackie Chun" (a parady on Jackie Chan) so he could let his students fight his own master, but not holding back, so he could see how much they improved. The time he fought Goku, he almost lost, but when the next Budoukai came, he knew he had no chance. After the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, he stopped be Jackie Chun.

Jackie Chun made his appearence. (Book Five . Chapter Fifty One)

Sunglasses Alteration
Book Forty Two

After the fight of Majin Buu, Kamesennin left his old sunglasses, and went to more futuristic ones. He still had his old perverted ways though.

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