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Growing Up - Future Trunks

The section of future Trunks Growing Up.

Trunks's father, Vegeta, makes Trunks realize that he has to excel much farther and keep up with him, in order to restore peace between the two.

The lone warrior of the future. Only survivor of the threat of the Androids. Turning super Saiya-jin at a young age, Trunks had to deal with the Androids all by himself, after Gohan's death. Realizing he couldn't do anything to save anyone in that timeline, he decided to take his time machine and go back in time, and stop the Androids then.

Young Man Period
Book Twenty Eight ~ Book Thirty Five

Trunks came back in time to save Goku from his deadly heart virus. He went back to his own time, charged up his time machine, and came back three years later, to fight the Androids. However, things didn't turn out right. They kept training and fighting, until he had to fight Cell. Once Cell was defeated, he went back to his own timeline.

Trunks fought and killed Freeza. (Book Twenty Eight . Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty One)

Super Saiya-jin Number 2 Stage
Book Thirty Two

Trunks achieved this form in the Room of Spirit and Time, but demonstrated it for the public in front of Cell, after he defeated Vegeta. He attacked Cell, but this was only the speck of his true power level.

Super Saiya-jin Number 3 Stage
Book Thirty Three

Realizing the true strength of Cell, Trunks powered up to an even higher form of super Saiya-jin. However, during the fight, Trunks was powered up and very strong, but he couldn't move around as fast as he usually could. Cell finally defeated him and he gave up.

Future Trunks World after Returning Home
Book Thrity Five

After the defeat of Cell, Trunks finally returned to his own timeline, strong as ever. Once there, he didn't waste a second of killing the Androids. Once Cell came around in his timeline, he immediatly killed him too. Peace was restored at last.

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