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Growing Up - Bulma

The section of Bulma Growing Up.

One of the greatest people of Dragon Ball. If it wasn't for her, she would have never sparked Goku's curiousity, to find the seven Dragon Balls, and begin the adventure of strong men and women.

Bulma first came to be shown, as a sixteen year old high school student, on summer vacation. After searching for the Dragon Balls that summer, she had to move on to school once again. However, she would make many more appearences, with many more surprises. (Search for the Dragon Balls Saga)

Bulma made another appearence, before the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai. She got to see a full grown Goku, as well as her old friends make brand new strong enemies. (23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai Saga)

Bulma was a spectater in 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai. (Book Seventeen . Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Four)

After five years of peace, an evil menance came to the Earth. It was Goku's brother, a Saiya-jin, named Radditz. After Goku and Piccolo killed him, Bulma took the scouter from Radditz's head, and made it to where you could find the power levels of people in human numbers. (Saiya-jin Saga)

Bulma made a Saiya-jin's scouter read human numbers. (Book Eighteen . Chapter Two Hundred and Nine)

The only way to get to Namek, was by spaces ship. When Mr. Popo got Bulma to one, he tried to figure out if it really was a space ship or not. After closer inspection, it was indeed, an actual space ship. They finally fixed it up, and flew off to Namek. (Freeza Saga)

Bulma found the space ship where Kami Sama came in. (Book Twenty One . Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Four.

With Yamcha gone, Bulma finally met a "real" man, and bore a son with Vegeta. She named the young baby Trunks, and soon found out that the boy that came in the odd machine three years ago, was indeed, an older version of her son. (Android Saga)

With Trunks grown up, Bulma finally got to smoke some cigerattes. But that's not the point. The point is, Trunks finally grew up, as well as Gohan. She helped Gohan make a super hero costume, so he could fight crime, without being seen for his real identity. (High School Saga)

Bulma had finally grown into an old women, at the end of the Dragon Ball series. Her son had grown up, her husband hadn't aged, and she was still smoking. Although she still tried to keep her figure, you could tell that she was having wrinkles and not looking young again. (Majin Buu Saga)

Alternate Future Bulma

In the other timeline, where future Trunks came, Bulma grew old very fast. She still was as smart as ever, but didn't look as young as she used to. She spent most of her life, devoted to buildling a time machine, where Trunks could go back in time, and save the future of the Androids. Trunks finally went back, and killed both Androids, after returning home. (Cell Saga)

The Many Hair-Do's of Bulma

(Pictures will come)

A long pony tail, with tiny strings of hair coming over her forehead, and a ribbon on top. Chapter one. (Search for the Dragon Balls Saga)

Shoulder length hair, with one piece of hair, over the side of her head, wrapped by a rubber band. Chapter four. (Search for the Dragon Balls Saga)

Hair over shoulder length, with long hair covering her forehead. Chapter six. (Search for the Dragon Balls Saga)

Hair over her forehead, with a pony tail in the back. Chapter sixteen. (Search for the Dragon Balls Saga)

A shorter version of her first hair do, but with more strands of hair over her head. Chapter thirty five. (21st Tenkaichi Budoukai Saga)

A long pony tail, with tiny strings of hair coming over her forehead, and a ribbon on top. Chapter sixty nine. (Red Ribbon Army Saga)

Full cut hair, that lopes over the ears. Chapter one hundred and three. (22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai Saga)

A much bushier version a full cut hair, that lopes over the ears. Chapter one hundred and ninety seven. (Saiya-jin Saga)

A shorter version of her 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai hair do, but with more strands of hair over her head. Chapter two hundred and forty two. (Saiya-jin Saga)

A long hair do, that covers over the shoulders. Chapter two hundred and forty three. (Saiya-jin Saga)

A shoulder length hair do, with lots of hair over the forehead, and a bandana looking thing on top of her head. Chapter two hundred and five. (Saiya-jin Saga)

Long hair over the shoulder, with a part on the side, going ot her right side. Chapter three hundred and twenty nine. (Freeza Saga)

An aphro. Chapter three hundred and thirty three. (Freeza Saga)

Hair on top of the shoulders and going over the ears. Also, hair on forehead is cut above eye brows. Chapter three hundred and forty seven. (Android Saga)

A mushroom hair cut, with a cut of it over her left eye. Chapter four hundred and twenty six. (High School Saga)

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