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Dragon Ball Wishes

Here, you can find out the wishes that were made, how many there were, and where they were made. This is only for the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z time line, excluding the movies. (Note - I got some help from my Japanese neighbors for translation on this.)

Number of Wishes - 22
Number of Times Shenlong/Porlunga was Summoned - 14 Times

1st Wish/1st Time Summoned (Shenlong): The first wish was made in near Emperor Pilaf's castle. After an attempt all summer long to try and gather the Dragon Ball's to gain control of the world, Pilaf was suddenly interrupted by Oolong, one of the main characters at the time, by him wishing for a pair of women's panties. Pilaf never gave up searching for the Dragon Ball's, even until the DBGT series.

2nd Wish/2nd Time Summoned (Shen Long): When Tao Pai Pai had killed Bora, Upa, his son, was left all alone. Goku got very mad and defeated him for good, or so he thought at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai. But, that is a different story. Goku went on to go fight the Red Ribbon Army, and, finally defeated and over through the entire army in one day. Goku went back to Upa, seeing him very sad, and decided he would use his grandpa's Dragon Ball, which he was searching for in the first place, to revive his dad. He does, and, goes on another adventure.

3rd Wish/3rd Time Summoned (Shen Long): When Piccolo Daimo came into rule; he was very old, but, still very powerful. He had learned of the Dragon Ball's from Emperor Pilaf, that he would become immortally young again. In return, Pilaf wanted some of the world, but was tricked. Piccolo was confronted by Kame sennin, Tenshinhan, Krillin, and Chaotzu, who had the Dragon Ball's, and tried to defeat him. It didn't work out, and, Piccolo got to get his wish. When Shen Long said, "Farewell, until the next wish," Piccolo said, there won't be any more wishes, and killed Shen Long. He then left without looking back.

4th Wish/4th Time Summoned (Shen Long): Right after the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, the threat of Piccolo Daimo had begun, starting with Krillin, who Goku needed to find the Dragon Ball's and bring him back to life. He went on his search, and, finally defeated Piccolo Daimo and found the Dragon Ball's. He brought them to Kame House, for everyone there to see Shen Long, and make the wish to revive anyone that was killed from Piccolo Daimo ever. After the wish was granted, everyone awoke that had died from Piccolo's evil power.

5th Wish/5th Time Summoned (Shen Long): After dieing from the hands of Piccolo (should I say Radditz?) Goku had been up in Heaven, training very hard for the oncoming Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa, that were on their way to Earth, to destroy it and get the wish of immortality. After one year had passed*, Goku was revived, and, got to go fight the Saiyans. *It is said in the earlier manga's, that anyone that has died not of natural causes, over one year, could not be wished back. Goku apparently broke that rule, and could be returned. Is Shen Long losing his touch?

6th Wish/6th Time Summoned (Porunga): On Namek, Freeza and his men were making their onslaught on the whole planet. While they were there, Vegeta wanted the wish of immortality, and, had spent quiet a deal of time trying to find them. After finding all of them with Gohan and Krillin, he decided to take a break and a nap. While he was asleep, Gohan, Krillin, and Dende awoke Porunga, and, did the wish of bringing Piccolo back to life.

7th Wish/6th Time Summoned (Porunga): On Namek, Freeza and his men were making their onslaught on the whole planet. While they were there, Vegeta wanted the wish of immortality, and, had spent quiet a deal of time trying to find them. After finding all of them with Gohan and Krillin, he decided to take a break and a nap. While he was asleep, Gohan, Krillin, and Dende awoke Porunga, and, did the wish of bringing Piccolo back to life. And for their second wish, they wanted Piccolo to be brought to Namek.

8th Wish/7th Time Summoned (Shen Long): While Super Saiyan Goku and Freeza were fighting, everyone else was in a plan to bring everyone back to life, and, bringing everyone to Earth, all the time Goku was fighting. After a long time of figuring out what to do, Kaio Sama said that Guru was old, but, did not die of natural causes. He died over Freeza; by him killing his children, he too was slowly killing Guru. So, Goku said that they would use the Earth's Dragon Ball's, to wish everyone on Namek that was killed by Freeza back to life, and then, use Porunga for the last wish. When the wish was summoned, Porunga magically appeared in the sky, and Freeza was heading right for it.

9th Wish/8th Time Summoned (Porunga): After Guru being revived by the Earth's Dragon Ball's, Porunga came back. Freeza came right in front of the dragon, and asked to see if he could wish for immortality. All the while, Dende was yelling Namekian at the Dragon, saying that everyone on Namek be brought all the way to planet Earth, except for Goku and Freeza, so Goku could stale him, and kill him by the exploding planet. Freeza found out what went wrong, and almost shot Dende, except, Dende suddenly disappeared, and everyone else, except for Goku and Freeza, disappeared all the way to Earth.

10th Wish/9th Time Summoned (Porunga): When Freeza was on Namek, he killed Krillin. When the wish was to bring back everyone killed by Freeza came, Krillin did not come, because, he was already wished back with the Earth's Dragon Ball's, and couldn't be brought back again. After a long wait, everyone wished on Earth, that, Krillin be brought back to Enma Dai's place, to go back to Earth. Porunga asked what would the next wish be.

11th Wish/ 9th Time Summoned (Porunga): After being brought to Enma Dai's place, Krillin had to be wished back to Earth. Dende then asked Porunga to see if he could bring Krillin to Earth, and, the wish was granted. Krillin appeared in front of everyone and rejoiced.

12th Wish/ 9th Time Summoned (Porunga): Now, everyone on Kaio sama's planet needed to decide who would go to Earth now. Tien said he wanted to train more there, and Chaotzu said he wouldn't leave him. So, Yamcha had to go. He was wished straight to Earth in a water fountain.

13th Wish/10th Time Summoned (Porunga): After waiting 130 days, everyone got to get another 3 wishes. Tien and Chaotzu had been training hard in Kaio Sama's, until, the day they had to go back home. Tien and Chaotzu were both wished at the same time, and, rejoiced when they came to Earth again.

14th Wish/10th Time Summoned (Porunga): When Freeza was on Namek, he had started a chain reaction in Namek's core, starting a five minute count down to its explosion. So, the Namek have had no planet. For the second wish, the Namekian asked for a brand new planet Namek. Porunga said it would be done, and, it was done so.

15th Wish/10th Time Summoned (Porunga): Now that there was a new Namek, every Namekian that had stayed on Earth, was wished to go back to the brand new Namek, along with the Dragon Balls. We don't see the new Namek, until the middle of the Cell Saga, where we still see them rebuilding it.

16th Wish/11th Time Summoned (Shen Long): After the defeat of Cell, everyone wanted to try out the brand new Shen Long, who could now have two wishes. The first wish was to bring back to life all the people that were killed by Cell or absorbed by him.

17th Wish/11th Time Summoned (Shen Long): While fighting the Androids, Krillin had developed a crush on Android 18. When he found out about the bombs in their bodies, Krillin wanted to try and make Android 18 more human so, he tried to wish for her to be a human. Shen Long said it couldn't be done. So, he tried to help her out by removing the bomb in both Android 17 and 18's bodies, to end the threat and to make them more human like.

18th Wish/12th Time Summoned (Shen Long): After Vegeta went into Majin Vegeta, he went back to the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, and, killed lots of people there. Afterwards, Vegeta went to go find and fight Buu. He was very weak against Buu, and, died, after self-destructing. Goku says that he can revive everyone on the Earth by Vegeta, so, Bulma goes out and finds the Dragon Ball's, and wished everyone that was killed by Vegeta to come back to life, but not bringing back the bad people. That was their only wish, so, Shenlong could grant another wish in four months.

19th Wish/13th Time Summoned (Porunga): After fighting Buu, Buu had lost everyone he had absorbed, and had become as strong as ever. He had gone into space, and, made small energy ball, that had destroyed the Earth, and everyone there. The first wish was to make the Earth come back to its original form, leaving no scars of Buu from it.

20th Wish/13th Time Summoned (Porunga): After the Earth had been restored, Vegeta asked Dende to see if everyone Buu killed could come back to life, excluding the bad ones. It is done so, and, everyone good is revived.

21st Wish/13th Time Summoned (Porunga): After building the Ultimate Genki Dama, Goku needed just a little more energy to defeat Buu. Buu was struggling against the Genki Dama to begin with, and, Dende asked Porunga to see if Goku could get his strength back. Goku suddenly went Super Saiyan, and told Buu of all the monsters he has faced in the past, that none were as bad as him. Buu then died for good that.

22nd Wish/14th Time Summoned (Assumed - Porunga): A Very Secret Wish!!! While Buu was dieing, Goku asked to see if Buu could be brought back to life, as an incarnation of a strong, good Buu. He does, and ten years later, Ubuu comes into the picture, and Goku thanks the Dragon Ball's that his wished was granted.

That is every wish that was ever made in the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z timeline, excluding the movies.


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