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Dragon Ball Mix-Ups

This place isn't really just a section; it's more of a humor section. It tells about the mix-ups and mess-ups that happened throughout the DB Z/GT Saga's.

You only live to be, the same age forever?
When the Dragonball comic and anime came out, Bulma was 16 and Goku was 12. After about a year's time, they stayed the same age.

My Wish is….
When Goku asked Shenlong if he could revive Bora from the dead, Shenlong says, "There is no wish I cannot grant." Not true. In the future, time and time again, he cannot grant some wishes.

Nameks eat what???
When Kami tells Mr. Popo about his child hood on Earth, near Yunzabitt, he said he couldn't find food he could eat. When Dende tells Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma Namek's can only drink water, then how come Kami couldn't find any food that he can stand?

Trunks and his little problem
When Trunks tells Goku about his future, he says that Android 19 and 20 are terrorizing them. When he comes back three years later, he sees 19, and has no clue that he is. He tells everyone that it was Android 17 and 18 terrorizing them.

Namek's and their Growth
When Piccolo Jr. was born, it took him three years to fully grow and mature. When Dende came to Earth, it took him around 20 years to grow and fully mature. Some just reach that point in their life earlier than others on Namek I guess.

Cell's little Cell
After Cell was blown up on Kaio Sama's planet, he says he became alive again by the little cell that was his head, and made him regenerate. Well, how come he could regenerate when Goku with his Kamehameha, about an hour ago, blew off his full head?

People in the Room of Spirit and Time (Hyperbolic Time Chamber)
It is said no more than two people can go into this room. However, Super Buu, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks have been in their at once for about a hour's time.

Technology just got Easier
Bulma tells Goku that no one but her can re-place the Dragon Radar, when, Turbo, of Penguin Village, made a Dragon Radar out of a plane with spar parts inside of it.

Raising the Dead?
When Radditz came to Earth, he killed a farmer, who, died of his own bullet. In the manga and anime, he died. But, in the anime, we get to see him time and time again, walking around and breathing.


From: Ceri Woolway

Whilst watching the android saga of Dragonball Z the other day, I noticed another mistake which is not listed in your mix ups list!

Whilst searching for Dr Gero's laboratory, Krillin says he has 6 senszu beans, and gives two each of them to Tien and Piccolo, leaving Krillin with 2 for himself. However, in the episode 'No Match For The Androids', when the Z fighters confront androids 17 and 18, Krillin heals everybody else afterwards with his SIX senszu beans.


From Merc:

During the Freeza Saga. Freeza starts blowing up Namek, and told Goku that he would win the fight because Goku could not breathe in space and he could. But earlier in the season there was a flash back showing freeza destroying King Vegeta, after that Freeza comes out of his ship whilst in space and all the Sayians are floating in space doing just fine. So if the other sayians can breathe in space why cant Goku?



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