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Pojo's Dragon Ball - DB Summary

In the opening seen we see Goku rolling though the forest on a large log.  As he gets home he throws the log in the air and chops in up.  As this is going on we are introduced to Bulma (we get to see her, but not know her name).  Goku is then inside of his house and he is talking to the four star dragonball in which he thinks his grandpa's spirit is in.  Goku then goes off to catch a fish.  As Goku is walking through the forest he jumps up into a tree and eats two apples.  He throws one of the apples and hits a bobcat on the head.  The bobcat then chased him but was no match for Goku and the Bobcat fell off of a cliff.  Goku then slipped and fell of, buy into the river he was looking for.  As Goku gets out of the water and is drying off he sticks his tail into the water so he can catch a fish.  Just then a giant fish jumps for Goku's tail, but as it is about to bite Goku, Goku turns around and kicks the fish.   He then jumps into the water and grabs the fish.  As Goku is walking home he hears a noise and stops.  Out of no where Bulma in her air car shows up and hits Goku and his car.  Goku jumps up and tries to beat up Bulma.  Bulma then gets out of the car and tells Goku that she is human.  Bulma then explains that she is a girl and Goku comments that he has never seen a girl, but his grandpa told him about girls.   Goku then lifts up Bulma's skirt looking for her tail.  Bulma then ponders whether all boys have tails since she has never seen one with no pants on.  Goku invites Bulma back to his house and Bulma wonders if Goku has the Dragonball she is looking for. On the way to Goku's home the two get to know each others names and Goku makes fun of Bulma for her name.  When they get back to Goku's house Bulma sees Goku's dragonball and tries to convince Goku to give it too her.  Bulma then shows Goku that his ball is not a one of a kind, she then explains to Goku what the dragonballs can do when all gathered.

At this same time we are introduced to Lord Pilaf.  He has just  found a Dragonball and we see his thoughts of what his wish will be (world-domination).  Lord Pilaf needs to be told  that there are seven dragonballs and having just one is no good, though.

Bulma eventually convinces Goku to be her partner so she can get his dragonball eventually, she also feels he will be a great body guard.  Bulma opens up a capsule from which came a motorcycle.  Goku of course needs to be told that it is not a monster and he then gets on.  So Bulma and Goku go speeding away.  Bulma flies over a hill and almost crashes.  Bulma then stops to go to the bathroom, she runs behind a rock and the yells for Goku.  As Goku runs over we see a large flying dinosaur that is holding onto Bulma.  Goku does not realize that the flying dinosaur is a bad guy and allows himself to be ties up.  As the dinosaur flies away Goku slips out of the ropes and hops on the motorbike to chase after Bulma.  Goku flies over a hill and is almost to Bulma when he begins to fall to Earth, so he jumps, but comes up short.  As he is falling again he pulls out his power pole and hits the flying dinosaur who drops Bulma.   Bulma starts to fall so Goku throws his poll which hits Bulma and causes to stick to the side of the mountain.  Goku then gets Bulma and they go off to look for the dragonballs. Gokuh and Bulma are riding on the motor cycle when Bulma stops to rest for the night. She takes out   one of here capsules and makes a house appear. Once the two of them get inside Gokuh is amazed by the lights and the TV.  Bulma notices thought that Gokuh smells really bad so she tells him to take a bath.  Gokuh has no idea what a bath is though so Bulma is forced to give him one.  Bulma is giving Gokuh his bath when she tells him to take off his tail.  Bulma pulls on the tail,  but since it is a real tail Gokuh yells in pain. He then uses his tail to wash his back.  Bulma cannot believe that Gokuh's tail is real.  She then questions whether all boys have tails. Bulma then goes to take a bath,  but is interrupted when Gokuh enters and says that he has come to wash Bulma's back.  Bulma tries to maintain her temper,  but when Gokuh says that she is jealous because she does not have a tail she flips and throws everything in the bathroom at him. 

At Lord Pilaf's castle Pilaf is talking to Shou about the Dragonballs when Pilaf has a little gas problem. Pilaf then tells Shou that he was the one who did it.  When Shou does not agree Pilaf has mechanical hands come from the ceiling and floor that grab Shou and then Pilaf has a chainsaw and is about to cut up Shou when Shou promises to bring back a DB and says that he will never fart is Pilaf's presence again.  Agent Myu then enters the room  and tells Lord Pilaf that a mysterious glow has been spotted in a place called Skull Valley,  we also learn that no one has ever visited Skull Valley and returned.  Pilaf then tells Myu to take Shou and to go see what the mysterious glow is.  Meanwhile,  Gokuh goes out to find some food.  Gokuh decides that the giant centipede he has isn't big enough when all of a sudden he spots Myu's ship which looks like a bird. The plane is flying to Skull Valley.  When it lands Myu and Shou get out. Gokuh comes jumping down behind them to tell them to get away from his bird.  Myu and Shou then find out that the glowing was the eyes of wolves and out of no where a giant pack of wolves jump out.  Gokuh easily beats them all up and then chases after the plane.  He causes the plane to crash,  but after hitting it he comes to the conclusion that the "bird" is not edible.  So Gokuh goes back to the house with his centipede and a wolf.  He offers some to Bulma,  but she is grossed out.  Gokuh eats the food and then goes inside.  Before going to   bed Bulma question's Gokuh about his grandfather and his tail,  but doesn't learn much.  The next morning Gokuh wakes up and goes outside to exercise.  Gokuh finds a giant tortise and then Bulma comes out.  After giving the turtle some salt water Gokuh says that he will take the lost turtle back to the sea.  Bulma is mad and doesn't go with Gokuh.  Bulma though sees a giant dinosaur and changes her mind.  She catches up with Gokuh and the three of them go off in search of the sea. 

More to come...



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