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Dragon Ball Z Movies 1 - 4


DBZ Movie 1: Return My Gohan!!/Dead Zone
Original Release Date: July 15, 1989
American Release Date: 1996
Rating: 4 1/2 of 7

To gain immortality, Garlic Jr. collects the dragon balls. Once done, he hopes to take over Kami-Sama's spot as God of the Earth. However, he makes the mistake of kidnapping Gohan (who had a dragon ball on his hat). To get back his son, Goku seeks out Garlic Jr.. Kuririn and Piccolo join Goku. Being immortal, no one seems strong enough to defeat Garlic, yet Gohan is much stronger than anyone thought.
Despite below-average music and parts of the story that just don't make sense (such as Garlic's men trying to kill Piccolo even though they wanted to collect the dragon balls), this movie was decent. There were humurous scenes and the fight sequences weren't that bad.

DBZ Movie 2: The World's Strongest Man
Original Release Date: March 10, 1990
American Release Date: 1996
Rating: 6 of 7

Using Shenron to free his master, Dr. Kochin destroys the icy jail where Dr. Wheelo has been imprisoned for many years. Wanting to have the strongest body on Earth, Wheelo goes after Roshi thinking that he's still the strongest. However, upon learning that Goku is now the strongest, Wheelo has a new target.
With an easy to understand story that flows well with the movie's music and animation, this movie is a definate must see. Yet after seeing the movie, you won't watch it again for some time. While it's enjoyable and entertaining, it seems to lack those special moments that really define Dragon Ball.

DBZ Movie 3: Ultimate Decisive Battle for Earth/Tree of Might
Original Release Date: July 7, 1990
American Release Date: 1997
Rating: 6 of 7

Needing the Earth to grow the "Shinseiju" (the "Tree of Might" in the English dub), Taurus - who looks just like Goku but is of no relation - and his men plant the seed, since the fruit of the tree gives the person who eats it a giant power up. Taurus also has his eyes on Gohan, who's the strongest Saiyajin due to his amazing potential. With his minions, Taurus defeats all the Z Senshi, including Goku, but Goku has a few surprises.
Despite a horrid ending, the movie was excellent. Both the English dub and original Japanese versions are done extremely well in music, dialogue, story, and animation.

DBZ Movie 4: Super Saiyajin Son Goku/Lord Slug
Original Release Date: March 19, 1991
American Release Date: August 7, 2001
Rating: 2 of 7

To regain his youth, Slug comes to Earth to gather the dragon balls. Once his wish has been granted, Slug attempts to destroy Earth, since it is turning into a frozen wasteland due to the sun being blocked (Do you understand yet why so many hate this movie so?) When fighting Goku, he shows his true power and form. Yet, when all seems lost, Piccolo and Gohan help Goku win.
This is the worst movie and story of all that is Dragon Ball. I actually prefer to watch the Garlic Jr. Saga over this filth. The music, fighting, story and characters fall far below the Dragon Ball standard. I recommend seeing this movie only if you want to complete your Dragon Ball series.


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