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Dragon Ball Daizenshyu Guide

This section describes what you will find in the Daizenshyu's. There are 10 DBZ books and 2 GT books that basically tell you everything about DB, DBZ, and DBGT. They can be considered the bible's of Dragonball. So let me tell you something about these books. They are mainly written in Japanese and like all Japanese books are backwards. What I mean by backwards is take any book you own and flip it over. One other thing is that the pages go from right to left. So now read below and I will write what is included in each Daizenshyu and how they can help you. Now keep in mind that I do not own all of the Daizenshyu and I am not ready to write about something I have not experience first hand, so I will add on review's as I get more books.

Dragonball Daizenshyu #1- Complete Illustrations

This is probably my favorite Daizenshyu. No, it does not involve any info, but the art is absolutely mind blowing. The book is composed of pictures that put the DB characters where you have never seen them and none of them are from the series. So now lets go over exactly what you will find from page to page. Now the book is composed of section's that relate to each year. The year's cover from 1984 to 1995. After that there are pages that are comics. Then they have pages that show all of the covers for the DB Magna. After that follows an interview with Akira Toriyama. Now there are a total of 217 pages. The first 175 pages are for illustrations, 176 to 197 are for comics, 198 to 201 are for the DB Magna covers, 203 to 207 are an Akira Toriyama interview, and finally pages 208 to 217 are covered with thumbnail sized pictures of all the pictures in the book. So this is truly an amazing book. The illustration's range from battle poses to the DBZ gang playing baseball with the DB and all dressed up as Santa Claus. I know that I have looked through this book a bunch of times and I am sure that you will enjoy it as much as I have. So if you aren't familiar with the Japanese Language or well versed with the series you can still enjoy this book.

Dragonball Daizenshyu #2- Story Guide

I like this book a lot also. It was one of the two books that is dedicated to the entirety of DB and DBZ. Now this book does not have as much info as Daizenshyu #7, but this one has a lot. So let's look at what is included. Now right at the beginning of the book there is a fold out poster. On one side is a picture of the cover, but on the other side is a character relation's chart. It is done in color and has picture of a lot of the people. It is pretty cool. Now the first 45 pages are a reproduction of the first DB magna. Page 46 is a page on pre Dragonball. Now from pages 48 to 90 they review the whole DB and DBZ series and go over all the main points. From pages 92 to 106 is original color works which are pages and fights taken out from each magna. It pretty much runs in order from the first few episodes of DB to when in DBZ Gokuh travels Snake Way. Pages 108 and 109 is a chronological table of characters. Pages 110 through 133 deal with most of the main characters. It is there history throughout Dragonball. Pages 134 through 154 once again deal with a lot of the main characters. Pages 156 through 170 is Original Color Works part two. This goes from the Vegeta vs. Gokuh fight all the way up to Majin Buu. Pages 171 through 176 deal with sub-characters throughout the series. It contains a small box talking about each character. Now on page 178 and 179 is a chronological list of battles. Even if you do not know Japanese the key is very easy to figure out. Page 180 through 201 list and reviews the final battles. A truly informational set of pages. Pages 202 through 216 is a list of some of the attacks. You can go to pages and find much better one's, but this guide is nicely done and can help you out. Pages 219 through 242 are dedicated to one of my favorite sections of the book. The book has a list and description of all 187 fights that are included in the DB magna. They go from Gokuh's battle with the giant fish to the fight with Majin Buu. There is also a description of each fight. Pages 245 through 259 recaps the final DB magna which is when Gokuh and the others first met Ubuu and at the end Gokuh flew off with Ubuu to train. The last two things are a picture of all the DB characters with the writing "The End" at the bottom. There is also an interview with Akire Toriyama.

DB Daizenshyu #4- World Guide

Now this is on of the smaller Daizenshyu's but in no way does that imply that it contains less information. Daizenshyu #4 is the world guide. The main topics included in this book are pictures of the world, other planet's, different parts of earth, and an overall look of the Galaxy. It also contains an item list, racial groups, and a World Martial Arts Tournament guide. Now let us start of from the first few pages of the book. The first page of the guide shows what the DB galaxy looks like as a whole. It is a very cool picture and definitely not how you imagined it. The next page is a picture of the cosmos (afterworld), then comes a picture of the Universe, then they have four pictures which represent the north, south, west, and easy parts of the Earth. All of these pictures are done in color and are in a cologe style, very cool. Now the next couple of pages describe what the Dragonballs are, who is Shenron, and who is Polunga. Then they finish of the section by talking about the different times that Shenron and Polunga have been summoned. The next section is a characteristics section. In this section they have a color picture of a group of people who are in some way related (the Saiya--Jins, Freeza's henchmen, the Namek's), then on the next two pages they show a relation's tree and talk about the people. Then there is a minor section on different places then the Earth. Now they get to where the name world guide truly implies. The book has a two page spread which is a map of the earth and it is on a grid. Through the next 16 pages they show what went on and what stands in each section of the grid. The next two sections are a description of attacks and the attacks are categorized and then the next section covers the 21, 22, 23, 25, and 28 Martial Arts Tournaments. It shows the brackets for each event and summarizes it. Then the final main section is an items and vehicle list. It is truly a cool section and might be a main reason to get this book. Each section was done with great care and is easily understandable. Now for the readability of this book. Well almost all the names of everything are in English (items, vehicles, places on the Earth, Racial groups. No the individual people are not) so it is understandable, but you still need to know Japanese to truly understand this book. If you are a newcomer to the series this book could also be very difficult for you to understand. I though think it is definitely one of my favorites, then again I like them all.

DB Daizenshyu #5- TV Animation Part 2
by Son Zandra

When this book arrived at my doorstep, I was so excited, as I had to wait a whole month for it to come from Japan. I had ordered it from Sasuga Books , and while their prices and customer service were A+, the turn-around time is horrible. Still, I'd recommend them. Anyways, the cover is a beautiful watercolor picture of stage 1 Freeza and Gohan, with a section of Shenlong in the background (when you get all the books, they combine to form a big picture of Shenlong-very cool!). You also get a nice pull-out poster, with one side being a larger picture of the cover (sans Shenlong) and the other a pic of all the Saiya-jins, half-Saiya-jins, and fusion characters in SSJ form. (I'd like to hang it up, but I don't want to ruin my book!) Then you get a fore-word from Akira Toriyama, and the Table of Contents. The next part of the book is labeled as "Super Battle Scenes", and basically takes you through DBZ, from Porunga's summoning to the fusion of Vegetto in pictures. There are nine chapters, and each one has about 8 acts. The pictures are beautiful, and in full-color. If you know how to read Japanese, it makes the book even more enjoyable. But for the most part, you kinda know what's going on if you have ever read anything about DBZ. Now, my favorite part of the book, the "Library of Adventure"! Basically, it's sketches of most, if not all, of the characters in later DBZ. They are really helpful if you're an artist like me trying to draw DBZ because they show the same character from all different sides and angles. The pictures are in black and white, but still they are very nice. I'd buy the book just for this, but that's just me ^_^;; There are also pages scattered around called "Variety of DB". I really don't know what to make of them, since some pages are about the opening and closing songs, others are timelines, one is even about CG (Computer Graphics) used in DBZ! Just random stuff I suppose. There is also a 6 page interview with Akira Toriyama (including a nice b/w pic of him) but I can't read any of it (...yet ~_^), the lyrics to "We Gotta Power" and "Bokutachi wa Tenshi Datta", and some character design for DB:GT. The last 20 pages in this book are the "DBZ All Story Digest", a fancy name for an episode guide. In it, it tells you when the episode first aired, what happened, the title, and a picture. It goes from episode #75 to #268. All in all, I really enjoyed this book. It has nice pictures and a lot of cool stuff. I'd buy this if you are well-versed in DBZ and want a pictoral guide.

GT Perfect File #1

I have to say that I like the design of the GT Perfect Files a lot. These books are about 7 inches by 5 and each of the books are paperbacks. Let's get right to the first book, though. The cover of this book has the many forms of Gokuh on it. The first page of this book is a page of stickers. The next few pages are frames of the GT opening song. The next fifteen pages have profiles and pictures of GT good guys. On a lot of these pages a moment from DBZ is remembered about that certain character. After this comes pictures and profiles of all the bad guys in GT and following that are all the frames from the GT closing film. We are now shown pictures from different planets that Gokuh, Trunks, and Pan have been to. Then there is a question and answer section. The next section is an episode summary section of the first 41 episodes and each summary is separated by what planet the group was on. After that section are the frames from the second GT closing. The next section is the world guide. The world guide contains charts and bio's. After that is a small timeline and then a couple of pages on the Dragonballs and Dragonball items. Next is a section on the Super 17 saga. Next is a section which appears to discuse all the characters and then we are shown a chart which covers info on the first 42 GT episodes ( Date aired, who the enemy was, etc..) After that we are shown the Table of Contents and that is the first GT Perfect File.

GT Perfect File #2

This is the second of the two Dragonball GT Perfect Files. The cover of this book has a picture of adult Gokuh and then a smaller picture of Super Saiya-Jin 4 Gokuh and Vegeta. The first page of this book is once again a set of stickers. The first thirty pages of this book has pictures from throughout Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT. It also includes important dates from all three series. The first section in the book covers character bio's. These bio's are seen on pages ten through twenty-two. These include bio's of the main character good guys. Pages twenty-four through thirty-three cover bio's of the bad guys. This covers the second section of the book. After this section is a page telling us info about the different groups who put together theme songs for Dragonball GT. The third section of this book begins by recaping the first 41 episodes. This covers two pages in the book. No more episode reviews are given. Episodes fourty four- Sixty four cover pages fourty through fifty three. Pages fifty four through fifty five cover the Dragonball GT TV special. The final page of that section gives more info on the theme song singers. We now begin with the fourth section. Pages fifty eight through sixty four cover key events throughout all 3 series. Pages sixy six through sixty eight cover the Dragonball GT ending film and gives you picture's from all the scene's of that film. The next section is split into five parts. These parts cover such things as SSJ4, The Evil Dragons, and Super 17. After this is an interview with Masako Nozawa. At the end of this book is a chart covering episode names, enemies, location, and summaries of each episode. All in all this book is one hundred pages. It was published on 12/17/97 by Jump Anime Comics Jr. in Japan. This is a great book and is a lot like the other GT perfect file. If you wish to order this book, it can be found at, a great source for japanese books. The book runs around 12 dollars. This concludes the review of the secondDragonball GT Perfect File. This is a definent must have for all GT fans and it is one of my favorite books.

Well, sorry to say, but that is all I have as of now and I am not about to go steal the info from Greg Werner's FAQ. Anyway I will still tell you the name of each Guide and tell you how advanced each book is, some prices, and were to get the books.

Below you will find a list of each of the Daizenshyu. After I will list what you should know before purchasing these books.

1. Complete Illustration's - Hey, anybody can appreciate this book. No Japanese required.
2. Story Guide-This book is all Japanese except for the index and section heading's. You should know somewhat of the Japanese language before getting this book or at least knowing the names would help. The charts in this book are pretty easy to figure out so yo can at least get that aspect.
3. TV Animation Part 1
4. World Guide- A book that has all the titles in English and some great drawings. To get all the knowledge from this book you would need to know Japanese. This book is also not recommended for someone new to the series.
5. TV Animation Part 2
6. Movies and TV Specials
7.Dragonball Guide - From what I hear this is the most information filled guide, but the hardest to understand because it is in all Japanese.

This marks the end of the original seven Daizenshyu, but do not fret because there are 5 more books.

8. Cardass Perfect File 1-
9. Cardass Perfect File 2
10. TV Animation Part 3

Now the two GT books, they are very hard to find, but I have managed to find them after a year of searching. I can help you find all 12 Daizenshyu's. For all your Daizenshyu and other Japanese book needs visit Sasuga Book Store. Remember that Sasuga Book Store is in Massachusetts so it will not take forever to get to you and the shipping prices are not ridiculous (When I say that it will not take forever I am trying to get across the point that a lot of these stores are found in Japan). A lot of the books are found through Japanese stores over in Japanese which digs even deeper into your pocket.

Now let's talk about the prices for each book (This only applies if you order from the above link)

1. 23.35
2. 27.85
3. 27.85
4. 23.20
5. 27.85
6. 27.85
7. 27.85
8. 15.20
9. 15.20
10. 15.20

GT file 1- 11.65
Gt file 2- 11.65

Now sometime is can be hard to find a certain books, so I will help guide you through it. For the First 10 books follow these directions.

1. Go to Sasuga Books.
2. Go to the section entitled "Search".
3. Where is says author type Akira Toriyama.
4. After you get the result you will find the books somewhere between pages 5-7.

To find the GT books follow these directions.

1. Go to Sasuga Books.
2. Go to the section entitled "Search".
3. Where is says "Title (English)" type "GT". 4. After the search is conducted the GT books will be the first two books on the first page.

Hope this helps you out.





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