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Welcome to Pojo's Dragon Ball Web

Movies Captured by Douglas:
Piccolo kills Raditz and Son Goku with Makkansappo.
Son Goku bites Freezer's tail while being choked.
Captain Ginyu[in the frog] switches bodies with Bulma.
Captain Ginyu[in Bulma] starts talking to Bulma[in the frog].
The Chala-Head-Chala Theme Song from Dragonball Z.
Piccolo getting beat up in the introduction sequence of Movie #1.
Tenkaichi Gohan - drunk Gohan during Movie #1.
Goku vs. Ginger and Nikki.
Piccolo vs. Sansho.
Goku and Piccolo vs. Garlic Junior.

Movies Captured By Kunhal:
Ginyu does his Body Change Move against Gokou.
Vegeta attackd Freeza spaceship when Freeza left.
Vegeta trying to find the dragonballs inside the spaceship and kills a few henchmen in the meantime.
The NEW Cpt. Ginyu and Jeice do their poses for Krillin and Gohan.
Krillin and Gohan attack Cpt. Ginyu when the realize that his powerlevel isnt at 180,000.
Vegeta starts fighting Jeice with his new powers.
Vegeta kills Jeice .
Nail is fighting Freeza.
Cpt. Ginyu is about to do his Change Body move against Vegeta but fails when Gokou gets in the way.
Gokou freaks after he sees a needle and thinks its for him.
Piccolo tries to attack Frieza with many ki attacks.
Gokou hits Frieza with the Genki Dama(Spirit Bomb)
Gokou proclaims he is a Super-Saiyan to Frieza.
Frieza attacks Vegeta but Vegeta catches both of Frieza's fist and a power begins until both of them lets go.
Gokou buries Vegeta(Orginal Music).
Gokou attacks Frieza for the first time.
Vegeta kills Gurdo by cutting off his head with a ki beam. [NOT SEEN IN US].
Trunks is seen for the first time.
Gohan Kicks his opponent out of the stadium.
Tien and Trunks fight and Trunks knocks Tien into the water.
The Final Four Warriors get ready to fight the four galaxy warriors.
Tien and Yamcha get beaten up by Bojacks Gang.
Gohan goes SSJ but looses against Bojack Gang.
Piccolo starts to attack Bojack but losses at the end.
Vegeta gets beaten up by Bojack.
Gokou gets frustrated and finally decides to help Gohan, when Gohan was in a Bear Hug by Bojack.
Gohan gets inspired by his father help and transforms into SSJ2 and kills off two of Bojacks Gang.
Gohan kills off Bojack.
Brolli Getting killed Part 1.
Brolli Getting killed Part 2.
Brolli Getting killed Part 3.
Brolli Getting killed Part 4.

Movies Captured By Eric:
Death of Majin Buu.
Son Goku's last teleportation.
Kaioshin brings Son Gohan to Kaioshin kai.
Trunks kills King Cold.
Vegeta becomes Majin.
Vegeta's secret plan.
SSJ3 vs Buu.
Gohan goes Super Saiyajin 2.


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