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Blackstar Dragonballs     The Dragonballs, one of the things that the series revolves around. With the beginning Dragonball GT though, came a new kind of Dragonball. The Black Star Dragonball. What is so different about these Black Star Dragonballs? Well, in the following piece I am going to tell you all about one of the things that makes DBGT unique. All right, these dragonball's are hidden deep in Kami's Lookout. The actual Dragonballs look the same (Except for a darker star, a black star), but there power is very great. You see, these Dragonballs were made before Piccolo and Kami split up, so naturally they had a much higher power than the normal Dragonballs, most people would say twice as much power as the normal DBs. These Dragonballs also have a nasty after effect. After a wish is granted, instead of the Dragonballs just spreading throughout the Earth, they are scattered throughout the universe. Another effect of using these DBs is that if they are not gathered up again within a year of the wish, whatever planet the wish was made on would blow up. So what does Shenron look like when summoned from the Ultimate Dragonballs? Well, he is almost scary looking. He still is in the shape of the normal Shenron, but is a great deal bigger. Shenron is also Red and looks transparent. This is probably a result of his much greater power. So, it is the Black Star Dragonballs that start of the great adventure known as Dragonball GT. If it was up to Gokuh, the Earth would have blown up, but since it wasn't the hero's went out after the DBs. The Dragonballs would be found all over the place. In some instance's the group of Trunks, Gokuh, and Pan had to fight for the Dragonballs and in others, Gokuh had to play dentist. If you really look at it, the Dragonballs play a much more important role in DBGT. In the first series, Dragonball, the dragonballs were mainly used to wish people back to life, while the series was based on Goku growing up, meeting his friends, and near the end of the series, saving the Earth. In the second series, Dragonball Z, the show is based, time after time on saving the Earth. If it isn't against Vegeta and Nappa, the Z warriors are fighting Cell and Majin Buu, but all to save the Earth. The only time that the Group actually leaves there planet in search of the DBs is when the group goes to Namek. The reason for getting the Dragonballs from Namek though is becuase the group wants to wish back there friends - Tenshinhan, Yamucha, and Chouzu - from the after-life. Now though we are taken into Dragonball GT, where the who series is based upon finding the Dragonballs. If the Dragonballs are not found, bang, the Earth is gone. So the Dragonballs play a critical role in GT. Other plots form around the search for the Dragonballs. So not only are the Dragonballs more powerful in GT, but they also play a much larger role in the series. There you go, now you know all about the Great Ultimate Dragonballs. If you want to witness their greatness for yourself, the best thing to do would be to go out and watch Dragonball GT.

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