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Adventure History

This is straight from the Daizenshyu, giving you the information on every Tankuban and Manga that was released for the Dragon Ball series. Some of the summaries will have numbers by them. Go the bottom of the page to see what they refer too. Also, the beginning summaries may sound silly, but those are translations that are in the Daizenshyu. I will provide a better put description of my own on the bottom of the Japanese summary. Also, the sayings that are below the title of the saga, are taken from the Japanese manga or a quote that is from the Japanese manga.

(I got help on this (A LOT) from my Japanese nieghbors, and am still getting help to complete it. Please, do not steal.)

Search for the Dragon Balls Saga - Chapters 1-24, 24 chapters long, 2 books long

Kamesennin Training Saga - Chapters 25-32, 8 chapters long, 2/3 book long

21st Tenkaichi Budoukai Saga - Chapters 33-54, 22 chapters long, 1 3/4 books long

Red Ribbon Army Saga - Chapters 55-96, 42 chapters long, 3 2/3 books long

Urani Ba Ba Saga - Chapters 97-112, 16 chapters long, 1 2/3 books long

22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai Saga - Chapters 113-134, 22 chapters long, 1 2/3 books long

Piccolo Daimaou Saga - Not done (Working On) - Chapters 135-165, 31 chapters long, 2 books long

23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai Saga - Not done - Chapters 166-194, 29 chapters long, 2 1/2 books long

Saiya-jin Saga - Not done - Chapters 195-243, 49 chapters long, 3 1/3 books long

Freeza Saga - Not done - Chapters 244-337, 94 chapters long, 7 1/4 books long

Android Saga - Not done - Chapters 338-356, 19 chapters long, 1 3/4 books long

Cell Saga - Not done - Chapters 357-420, 64 chapters long, 5 1/4 books long

High School Saga - Not done - Chapters 421-429, 9 chapters long, 3/4 book long

25th Tenkaichi Budoukai Saga - Not done - Chapters 430-445, 16 chapters long, 1 1/4 books long

Majin Buu Saga - Not done - Chapters 446-519, 74 chapters long, 5 books long


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