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Dragon Ball Z Budokai Review
By Gamerater


Budokai is really an awesome game. How awesome?


The graphics are awesome, very clean. There is a lot devoted just to the pleasing visuals of the attacks, you can see that.

The concept of the game is simple. Its a choose-your-man, get-him-ready, no-rules free for all. The attack combos can be a little difficult to  memorize. Even more difficult are executing them. My friend took about 10 minutes trying to get me to execute a sucessful spirit bomb. Still, you just have to know how to punch, kick, and do a simple attack combo and you're ready. I beat my friend with Freiza when all I could really do was Punch, kick, Death Beam, and Meteor crash.

The practice mode is awesome. If you want to get a feel for a character, just set the COMP ACTION to "Do Nothing" and your opponent will just stand there. Oh yeah, that only works on Practice mode... don't try it in duel mode. A great appeal to all fans, not just in the practice mode, but in the other modes too, is the Taunt option, (All battle buttons) where your characte talks a little trash.

Duel mode is great. It has several options: Player vs Player, Player vs
Computer, and even... COMPUTER VS COMPUTER! Yes, that's right, you can just
choose two characters and watch them fight it out.

In a nutshell, Budokai is a great game for all DBZ fans. Rating:9 out of 10.

(HINT: Trunks and Cell can both power up immediately. Take full advantage
of that.)

Signing off,





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