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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Movie Summaries

Bardock - Father of Goku - TV Special

Click Here to read Eric's Review of this TV Special


Series: DBZ
Lang.: English
Special: Bardock Father of Goku
Name: SSJ3Bardock

The Movie starts off with it showing planet vegeta and then zooms in to show goku (Kakarot) with two healer guys. The older one says that because he cries so loudly he will be a great warrior but the other laughs and states that he is the son of Bardock a low class sayain warrior. The old one then opens the screen that hides kakarot and then says that the other is wrong and to look at how he cries and then exclaims he shall be called "KAKAROT". Then the Song plays. The annoying guy that starts and ends all of the dbz episodes then says that planet Cassandra and then zooms in once more and we hear two of the cassandrians talking. One says something about the day that we have forseen has finally come because of the full moon showing the other says he is ready and they will fight. (These people can tell what is going to happen in the future) 

Then we see a bunch of sayijin apes fighting the little wimps who can tell the future and they completely anihilate them. When we see a big explosion on the planet's surface it zooms back in to them talking about not being able to remeber what happend when they were fighting all except Bardock who according to his friend always remebers battle, but not his own personal life then asks him when his son was born Bardock says ages ago and they laugh and a girl sayain says it was yesterday. Then they ask Bardock why Freiza wanted this dump of a planet anyway and begin to taunt the name of frieza... Bardock says it is because it is supposed to give physicic powers to anyone who lives on the planet. Like being able to read peoples minds and being able to see the future. One laughs and then out of the rubble one guy a cassandrian or whatever emerges and then laughs at them saying that they came here seeking physcic powers so they will get it he jumps over Bardock and then hits him in the back of the neck with one hand and we see on the inside of Bardock's body a spark. 

Then he says that Bardock will see his own destruction and that they will all die and that Bardock is now telepathic or whatever they kill the cassandrian. Bardock then falls over because his mind is now all screwed u[p. We then see Zarbon talking to Freiza and Didoria about how Cassiandra was overtaken by a band of low sayins and freiza seems worried. Vegeta is then training and beats a bunch of those little green men who come out of the ground in the Raditz episodes u know wut i mean! And kills them all with one finger! Napa who has hair remarks that VEgeta is the strongest of all. And then he is taken from the training room and he tells napa to stop sucking up to him. 

Vegeta then goes to friezas room which pisses off Zarvon and fifordia (Does there gay snames bmaater? i hatte then anwy) bUT HE SAys to friea that he wants a new assignment and he is bored the remakr thsat he is rude but friez says to give him the hardeest of the missions. Then we see Bardock in the Sayin chamber thing which heals you you know like the one Son Goku used on namek to heal him from Ginyu? He then has visions of Planet VEgeta being Destroyed! He says in his head that impossible then he ssees his son being sent off the Earth and meeting old Gohan and then being tamed then fighting Tien, Piccoro, etc. Then we see him fighting napa and BEgeta.... Bardock goes crazy and then the others notice his heart and stuff is beatin adbnormally so they take him out the chamber. By the way earlier his friend dropped in to see if he was better so that they could go and do a new mission for freiza which is going to some planet to meet Didiora there about it...Bardock anway wakes up (later) and asks what is happening the two healers tell him about the mission and he sets off... 

He sees Son Goku on the way out and checks his power level which he finds dissapointingly low but we dont know wut because the fools who translated it didnt give us a proper reading!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! So anway Trunks destroys the androids.... oops..... So anway he runs off to go see his friends on the planet and he thinks to recieve recognition from FREIZA! But... It flashes back to there and they are getting a severe beating from Freizas elite and didorias group.... pity.... They are basically dead.. then we flip back to Bardock who arrives there remarking that those bums didnt wait for him.... So he arrives there by flying and finds that they are all basically dead cept one... who he talks to and his friend tells him of Furizas treachory... then the elites come out of the shadows and attack Bardock. He kills them all O BOY! Man now just think about that a SAyin defeatin all of those elites I know Sayains are strong! Thats Gokou's dad though.. 

So then Didoria comes out and fires a blast out of his mouth that kills Bardock.... Or so we think! Bardock comes back up and flies off back to VEgeta thinking about how the planet really will be destroyed! Furiza is sitting his lazy ass in his space ship when dido arrives and Zarbons says that he is an idiot for not killing the sayijin leader Bardock. Then we see him flying past furizas spce sghip to vegeta(planet) . Before he arrives Kakarot is sent off to earth He flies right by BArdock and then he realises he can really see the future! He pains for his planet and decides to change what is to happen When he sees Furixaas ship! He lands ignores that cronies that say he should heal and crawls basically into the sayin hang out area and tells them all the furicasd is going to kill em all! they say he is dumb and just upset about losing his crew. He says they are all fools and begins to climb stairs to a tower. He then is walking on Namek! 

Goku is there and talks to him and says he must fight. He then is back on the stairs and suddenly can walk properly even though he is terribly beaten up with many cuts and stuff and is bleeding freely everywhere. He sees freoizs ship again and flies off to go and meet it head on now here is where it gets really cool. Zarbon reports that a sayin is trieng to attack them so they send out all of freizas forces being a bunch of alien dudes like you know with mouths and they can talk and fight and stuff there are about a thousand. 

Bardock sees them all around freixaas ship but keeps going and then kills about a hundred keeps going fights em all off it is amazing he kills many and arrive and freixas ship freixas comes out and then he says hahah im going to beat you or something and sends an attck at frieza but friexa makes that big ball all orange you know from namek when vejita is telling goku of when vegeta is destroyed so Bardocks attck gets wasted on freizas and all of freizas men are killed and so is the planet. We then see Bardock smiling in the ball of energy getting killed and saying. AHHH IT is KAKAROT that kills Freiza.... And feels sorry for all of the people he killed for freiza and becomes good. We then see goku being found by Gohan etc. the end... jeez that is long but i will say one more thing this movie was great but really sad:( - SSJD


Here's a short summary of the Bardock special: (You can omit the review if you want)

Before the Dragonball series began, Goku's father, Bardock, was a Saiyan warrior. On a routine mission, he's granted the ability to see the future, but not necessarily to change it

by a vengeful alien. He has premonitions of Goku's adventures, and makes an attempt to kill Frieza and stop the destruction of planet Vegeta.

I think this movie special was an excellent story, definitely worth $25. It fits into the storyline just fine, unlike most of the movies, except maybe that Bardock is more of a warrior

than a scientist, like Vegeta mentioned, but he doesn't strike me as too dumb to have invented the artificial moon, so it's not in direct conflict with anything.

- Ray M. 

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