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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Movie Summaries

Movie #4 - Lord Slug

DBZ Movie 4 - Lord Slug
The end of the world is fast approaching, in the form of a giant asteroid on a collision course with Earth.  Not of Goku has anything to say about it!  Goku and Krillin race to the rescue.  Using their incredible powers, they narrowly deflect the asteroid from its deadly course.  The Earth is saved...or is it?
A dark vessel descends from the surface of the asteroid, carrying a powerful new enemy -- the evil overlord, Lord Slug.
His forces have come to take control of the Earth and steal its natural resources, only in the process they intend to wipe out the entire human race!  And when Lord Slug discovers the seven magic Dragon Balls, it seems nothing can stop is diabolical plans from coming to pass!
Now that Lord Slug has the power of the Dragon Balls in his grasp, can even Goku save the Earth from this mysterious invader?
My Thoughts: This is one of the best DBZ movies I have ever seen.  I watched it in both Japanese and English, and they were both good.  The Japanese version's music didn't fit as well as the English version, but it was still fun to watch!  I recommend buying this on Uncut DVD, that is the coolest way to watch this movie.  All in all, this was a great DBZ movie, and I recommend it to any DBZ fan.

- Danny Anderson


I watched Lord Slug the other day and this is the summary of the story.First it starts out with Piccilo training by a waterfall then Gohan comes flying down on Ikarus the dragon. Gohan asks Piccilo, "can i show you my dance", Piccilo said , "why not".Gohan started dancing and whistling and piccilo said', " stop gohan ", and gohan started to pout. Piccilo said, " its not the dance i hate, its the whistling " Then Piccilo and Gohan turned around and saw this planet hurtling towards Earth.Then Goku and Krillin Went to go and try to stop it but they get blown away.The planet almost hit earth but it didnt. Then this ship landed on earth, then these aliens start coming out of the entrance of the ship.Gohan started beating them up then ChiChi came in and started fighting but she got beat up. 

Then lord slug was sitting down watching gohan fight then he lord slug saw a dragonball on gohan's hat and lord slug came out of the ship.He beat gohan up and took his  dragonball. Lord Slug ordered his henchmen to go find the dragonballs. Then they finaly got the dragonballs and lord slug wished eternal youth cause he was like 5,000 years old. Piccilo, Goku,and Krillin came in and killed the rest of lord slugs henchmen. Then krillin and piccilo got beat up by the henchmen before the henchmen died.Goku started fighting lord slug and goku was getting beat up then goku went super sayin for the first time. King Kai couldnt belive he turned into one.

Then slug started to get beat up then lord slug took off his mask ans goku saw that slug was a namek then slug got giant and king kai says, "he's a super namek!" and piccilo said, " gohan start whistiling " so gohan did and piccilo ripped off his own ears cause nameks ears are big and they are effected by whistiling so gohan whistled andand lord slug was effected alot by it and lord slug got beat up and died and everyone else had a happy life after lord slug died. The End! - MoonCodan


Lord Slug

ok the movie starts with piccolo at a waterfall and then gohan comes along and shows that icoris can dance so gohan starts whistling and piccolos hearing is really good so it hurts him really bad and her tells gohan to never do that again around him so the earth finds out that that a meteor is coming towards earth and Mr. Briefs sees it through his telescope and bulma starts to say "lets just blow it up" and her dad says no because it is inhabited with people and then it shows the news and they came up with a computer done graphics showing the world going to blow up and then everyone on earth started to panic and then goku and krillin went to knock it off corse so it would not blow up the earth 

and they both shoot a kamehameha and their kamehamehas joined together and made one big kamehameha and hit the meteor but it didn't do anything so the winds swept goku and krillin off and everyone thought the world was going to end but the meteor missed earth but there was a suspicious ship on the outskirts of the city and then people started to come out and blast the humans away but then gohan showed up and started kicking butt then his mom chi-chi killed two of the men that almost got gohan and the this other guy and hit chi-chi in the stomach and gohan killed them and grabed him mom before the other guys killed her with their ki-blasts then lord slug gets gohans db#4 

and tells his men to get all of them and they do and lord slug wishes for eternal youth and it is so then lord slugs four main men come out and this one guy who sorta looks like a frog and gohan attacks him and gets his butt kicked and the frog guy made four other hims but smaller they grabed gohan and sucked his energy out of his body then piccolo shows up and kills one of lord slugs minions 

then piccolo jumps infront of a blast that was going to hi gohan and he gets hurt then goku and krillin show up and kill all the remaining minions of lord slug then krillin underestimates lord slug and attacks and he gets kicked right in the face and gets knocked out for the rest of the fight then goku steps up and and starts fighting and goku is geting his but kicked and right when you think goku is going to lose he gets ticked and almost goes ssj and starts to kick lord slugs but till goku breaks lord slugs arm and lord slug rips his arm off and he regenerates it and rips off his sleeves and his hat and goku finds out that lord slug is one of the last of a super namek race that could triple their size and still be fast and could keep up with goku but then goku gets overwhelmed and gets grabed after awhile of running away then lord slug starts to squeeze goku and knocks him out by squeezing to hard then piccolo gets up and starts to squeeze lord slugs intenas and nameks have one weakness that is there intenas and so lord slug lets go of goku and grabs piccolo and 

then piccolo rips off his ears and tells gohan to start whistling and if it hurt piccolo when he is small it will hurt lord slug because super nameks have super hearing so gohan starts whistling and puts lord slug on the ground and then piccolo gives his energy to goku and then goku starts to fight again and goes outside the terrafreeze clouds and gets to the sun then goku charges up a spirit bomb while lord slug gets up and starts to fly at goku and then goku finishes the spirit bomb and shoots it at lord slug hits him and lord slug flys into his terrafreeze satellite and then it blows up with lord slug and then goku goes back down to earth and then yajirobe shows up and gives everyone a senzu bean then a namek arm comes out of the ground and grabes yajirobes leg and goku is like how the heck did he survive but the piccolos head pops out and says "can i have a senzu bean please" and that is mainly the hole movie so thanks for taking this long and reading it

Andrew johnson

Movie is English dubbed DBZ LordSlug                                                                  

This movie starts at a waterfall.Gohans whistling and Piccolo saise to stop.Then The ZWorriors sense a power.Goku goes to fight LordSlug.Gohan sneaks off with IQurus(Gohans dragon),and oolong.They find about 100 of Lord Slugs henchmen.There easy until 1 beats up Gohan,hes about to kill him and Piccolo comes.Then the zworriors kill everyone.Lordslug beats up Goku until he takes off and reaveals hes a super namek.Piccolo explains the story.Goku almost turns super sa;jin and almost gets a shot at him but Lord Slug nearly kills him and Piccolo pulled  off his ears and told Gohon to whistle.He does and it blows up LordSlugs eardrums and kills - Bebuchi2


DBZ Movie 4, English Dubbed Review

      Everyone says Movie 4 is the worst of all. I have never seen the Japanese one so I don't know but the Dubbed one was actually pretty well done.
      All the same voice actors from the series are playing their roles.
      The animation was basically the same for the first 3.
      The plot was ok. It wasn't the best and got on my nerves at time, but
I was able to live with it.
      The music was awsome. The music was different from the series because they were actual songs with lyrics rather than background music. I will probably get the soundtrack. Thats what made the fighting better. The only thing bad about the music was the lyrics were confusing just a tad when they were talking.
      The fighting was ok but the music made it better.
      Not the best but once again livable.
      The one thing that was the worst was that they didn't explain a lot of things. One, was the false super saiyan. Another was the reason was the low temp. And last was the Super Namek.
      Overall I would have to say it was better the third best movie in the 4 series of dubbed movies.
   Frank Martin


Dragonball Z
Movie 4: Lord Slug

    This movie starts out with Piccolo meditating next to a waterfall when Gohan comes over and tells Piccolo that Ickerus can dance, and so Gohan starts to whistle some song.  Piccolo yells at Gohan to stop, then senses something big heading strait to the earth.  Dr. Briefs is telling Bulma it's going to crash into the earth.  Oolong wants to destroy it, but Dr. Briefs says theres life forms on it.  We then see a computer simulation of whats going to happen the the earth, and a scared news reporter says good-bye then comes the screaming.

    Krillin hears this then starts to cry because he doesn't even have a girlfriend and hasn't lived yet. Goku and Krillin are at the scene not trying to destroy this meteor planet, but change it's course.  They failed in doing that and were blown into the arctic, yet Yajirobe was there bearing senzu beans.  The meteor planet blows before it crashes, and and a spaceship is seen.  These men in space suits come out and tells the people of earth to hand over the earth to Lord Slug.  Everyone starts to laugh, so Slugs men start to shoot at them.  Slug asks one of his men how long it will take to terrifreeze the planet.  Another henchmen says that Slug is very old, and for that he is killed.  One person says it will take ten days to terrifreeze the planet, then is killed.  another henchmen says "If I say three days will I live." 

    Slugs men are attacking the people of earth, but not if gohan has something to say about it.  Slug sees a dragonball on top of Gohans hat.While Gohan is trying to save his mother, his hat flies off into Lord Slugs hands.  Bulma foolishly says that it will take a life time to find the dragonballs without a radar.  So Slug reads bulma's mind, then takes her dragon radar and tells his henchmen they have one hour to find the dragonballs.  They do so, the Slug calls the enternal dragon, Shenron.  His one wish is to have eternal youth, his wish is granted.  Lord Slug is young again and is much stronger than before.    Slug wastes no time and sends out these clouds so his men can breathe on the planet, then sends these machines to start terrifreezing the planet.

    Chi-Chi makes soup for Gohan, but sees he's ran away with Oolong to fight Lord Slug .  Gohan was holding his own until he was out numbered, but Piccolo came to the rescue.  Slug's right hand men started to attack.  The little guy got Gohan, while the biggest one fought Piccolo.  Piccolo easily killed the biggest guy, but Gohan was having trouble with the little on, that is when he started stealing Gohan's energy.  Slug's strongest right hand man started to fight Piccolo but Piccolo escaped.  They started blasting Gohan but Piccolo was guarding him.  They were both knocked out.

    Goku defeated both of Slug's remaining right hand man with ease.  Lord Slug walks out of his spacecraft.  Krillin goes after him but is knocked out with one slap.  Goku goes after him next, but is not having  much luck.  After a while Goku got tired of Slug and made a transformation to which King Kai thought was a super saiyan.  The only difference was Goku didn't have yellow hair and had a much lower power level.  Goku had the advantage, but when he broke Slug's arm, he pulled it of and grew another arm.  He then took off his helmet revealing himself to be a namek.   

    Slug had only one choice and revealed his true form.  A giant namek.  King Kai explains to Goku that Slug is an ancient namek who unlocked a higher conciseness within called a super namek.  They began to misuse their power and with the dragonballs they were wished off the Planet Namek.  They now wreck the homes of others.  but once again Goku proved to be no match for the evil lord.

    Piccolo then tries to help Goku, Slug had Piccolo in his hands.  Piccolo ripped off his ears and told Gohan to do what he was doing by the waterfall, whistle.  Super nameks have super ears.  So what was painful to a normal namek it was really pianful to a super namek.  Piccolo then gives Goku his last bit of energy.  Goku uses that energy to perform a kaoken attack on Lord Slug.  Goku flies up to the sun and takes a little bit of energy from it and makes a spirit bomb to throw at Slug, blasting him into his cloud machine and killing him.  Once again Yajirobe is there bearing gifts (senzu beans).  We then see Master Roshi just waking up from the whole thing, yawn, then say nothing exciting ever happens around here.  Hehe.

This review is by Uncle Murray


       The movie starts out with Piccolo next to a waterfall, listening to the sound.When the young Gohan with Ikoras comes up to Piccolo saying that he taught Ikoras to dance.
       Now Gohan starts whistling, then Ikoras dances to the rythm of Gohan's whistling.But the bad part is, whistling is affective to nameks' ears, and hurts their ears.So Piccolo's ears are getting frustrated from hearing the sounds.Piccolo yells to Gohan to stop, Gohan says sorry, and then Piccolo turns around, sensing that somethings coming down to Earth.
       Meanwhile, in Bulma's dad's laboratory, Bulma's dad sees the giant asteroid coming down to Earth from a telescope.
       In the NEWS, they're showing the asieroid coming to Earth.Krillin is watching the news.and then gois up to the sky to change the course of the asteroid.So they do it and then a ship comes down crashing from the sky!
       Lord Slug's minions come out and start attacking, but are no match for Gohan! You see Lord Slug is really old, and wants to be young again, so he send his henchmen to get the dragonballs. And so they do, and Lord Slug is young!
       Then, Lord Slug freezes the whole planet.Goku & Krillin wake up, and find out there in the tropical islands, and sees there's ice there.Goku & Krillin eat beans, and fly back to Japan.
       Meanwhile Piccolo killed one of Slug's henchmen,(in Japan), and saves Gohan from getting killed, but almost lost his own life.Gohan&Piccolo are both uncoscious and then Goku & Krillin showed up.
       Goku kills the other two henchmen, and finally Lord Slug comes in.Immediately Krillin was knocked out, and Goku was getting pulverized!Chi-chi and Bulma are at Goku's house, freezing to death!
       Goku was just about to die, when he turned SUPER SAYIAN!!Now its Slug's turn to get pulverized!! But now Goku figures out that Slug is a Super Namek, and turns HUGE, and Goku gets crushed!
       Piccolo wakes up and pulls Slug's antennas. Slug grabs Piccolo, but Piccolo rpps his ears off, and screams at Gohan to whistle.Now that Piccolo ripped
his ears off, the sound is only affectiveto Slug especially since his ears are huge.
       Piccolo gives his energy to Goku, then Goku went through Slug, then Goku borrowed energy from the Sun and finished off Slug.
       The world is warm again.Gohan wakes up, and went to see Goku, and so did Ulong. They all findPicclo underground, then give Piccolo a bean, and the world is saved.

- Farhad


Dragonball Z Movie #4: Lord Slug(US) or Super Saiyajin Son Gokuu(JAP)
The movie starts off with Gohan and Icarus whistling and dancing for Piccolo
by a waterfall. Piccolo reveals that Namekian ears cannot stand human whistling. Before much else can happen, a giant meteor appear to be approaching earth...
Dr. Briefs concludes that the meteor has life on it, so they can't blow it up with missiles, and only Goku and Krillen try to deflect the massive meteor. Their attempt fails, and the meteor quickly veers off course and explodes in space. On Earth, a big fortress appears and several soldiers pop out, claiming the planet for Lord Slug. Gohan cuts in and beats up a bunch of soldiers, but loses his hat in the process (The hat with the 4 Star Ball). Lord Slug appears and takes the hat. He reads Bulma's mind to learn about the balls, and then knocks her out and takes the Dragon Radar. His henchmen find the other 6 balls and Slug calls the Eternal Dragon, he wishes for eternal youth, so he has optimum power. SLug then powers up a big cloud machine and engulfs the sky in a dark cloud, which freezes the planet. Gohan and Oolong escape at night to fight the soldiers again, and end up fighting two of the higher ranking officials (Medamatcha and Dodorabo). Gohan is almost killed when Piccolo shows up and fights Dodorabo. Gohan is quickly overcome by Medamatcha, who sends out his little minions to sap his energy. Piccolo easily kills Dodorabo, and Enjira joins the fray to fight Piccolo. Medamatcha fires a blast at Gohan (Unconscious) and almost hits him, but Piccolo blocks it (He's knocked out as well). Before anyone is killed, Goku and Krillen show up and kill the two lackeys. Lord Slug shows up and beats Krillen up. Slug then whips Goku almost too easily. Goku get's really mad and emits red energy around him and beats up Slug. In heaven, King Kai thinks Goku is a Super Saiyan (He's not, he's just really mad). Goku starts to gain the upper hand for a while, but Slug begins to grow ten times his size and continues to beat down on Goku. He begins to crush Goku in his hand when Piccolo shows up and
pulls on Slug's antennae. SLug accepts this offer and agrees to kill Piccolo first since he's being a total pest. Piccolo rips off his ears (!) and tells Gohan to whistle. After a little while, Gohan whistles, and cripples Slug. Piccolo gives all his energy to Goku, and falls unconscious again. Goku flies through SLug's chest and attempts to destroy the cloud machine, but Slug attacks him again. Goku flies over the cloud and uses to Sun to make a Spirit Bomb, and throws it at Slug. Slug falls back into the cloud machine. The earth returns to normal, and everyone is happy...
This movie was the worst of all 13. The characters were BLAND. The enemies were killed too fast, and the plot was dry. I give it a 3 out of 10. Buy it ONLY if you really want to see all 13 movies!
~Aerowitz Chan~ 


Basicly, Everybody finds out that a meteor will blow up the earth, so Goku and Kuriren blast 2 kamehameha's at it. They blow it off course, only to dissapear for a while. Meanwhile, Gohan,oolong,bulma,chichi, and ickerus see a spaseship in the city. They investigate. Gohan beats up some foot soldiers of Lord slug, the main villian. Then he is over taken by lord slug himself. Slug tells of his plan to terrefreeze earth and turn it into slug's own personal spaceship (Dumb idea if you ask me.)Slug learns that db's are on earth and gets younger. Gohan sneaks off to fight then gets beat up. But Picollo saves him then slug's minions fight piccollo and picollo and gohan almost die, but Goku and Kuriren save them. Finally, slug comes to fight And knockes Kuriren out (Funny part on behalf of what kuriren says). Goku and slug fight, yadda yadda, Goku almost transforms ss, slug grows big beats goku up, Piccollo rips ears off tells gohan to whistle, slug is aggrivated, goku blows a hole in slug and does a genki dama, Slug is dead, planet saved yahoo! Piccollo scares yajirobe and grows ears back the end.

- Jordan


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