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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Movie Summaries

Movie #3 - The Tree of Might

Here’s my review for English dubbed movie #3: The Tree of Might-Uncut.....

It starts off with Bulma, Krillin, Oolong, and Gohan camping in the woods.  But, a satellite fell to earth and starts a forest fire. Gohan and Krillin put out the flames with their ki alone. They then wish back the forest with the dragonballs.

Gohan made a new friend the, little dragon. Then, Turles comes to earth with his space pirates and one of them plants the seed for the Tree. Kaiosama then warns Goku about the Tree and the rest of the Z Fighters go with him to help. Chi-chi stops Gohan from going though, so he runs off later with the dragon. The Z Fighters have some trouble with the space pirates except for Goku and Gohan. Turles captures Gohan and forces him to look at an artificial moon’s light. Gohan transforms and swats Goku into the ground. Turles is laughing and enjoying the father and son fight. Just when Gohan is about to kill Goku, the dragon comes and calms him down. Turles gets Gohan mad by blasting the dragon. Gohan lashes out at Turles, so Turles tries to kill him with an energy ring. goku slices off Gohan’s tail and falls in to his father’s arms.

Goku swears to Gohan that he will make Turles pay. The space pirates return from beating on the other fighters, so Goku swats them down with a power shot. Turles duels with Goku after he blasts Piccolo. Goku is doing extremely well until Turles eats the fruit from the Tree. He beats down Goku and nearly kills him. Goku then gathers energy for a Spirit Bomb while the half-dead Z fighters battle Turles. Turles beats them and blasts Goku’s Spirit Bomb with one hit. While Goku is unconscious, he gathers energy from the Tree and creates another Spirit Bomb. He confronts Turles once again, this time killing him. The movie ends with the Tree giving back all its energy to the world and all the Z fighters camping in the woods.

Newboy12, the Z-Man


From: "Don Bartlam" 
Subject: Tree of Might DBZ Movie3

    All right now this is my first review. It all starts out with a weird craft heading to earth. Then we see Bulma, Oolong, and Krillen setting up camp. Then Gohan arrives with about 3 backpacks full of stuff. Oh and, Oolong has a smog
on his face. Later a fire starts and Krillen and Gohan save the forest. Then they call the eternal dragon to restore the forest. Later the machine starts to walk. Then we see Yamcha and Puar flying in a curser. Then we see these weird people. I believe that two are seyans. Then they blast a hole in the ground destroying Yamcha's curser. Then one plants a seed. Then we see Gohan and Goku taking a bath.Then Chi-Chi sees a monster. Gohan comes out and says that it's only his new pet dragon Occurs. Chi-Chi obviously sends the dragon away. We then see the seed grow into the huge tree of might. Then King Kai tries to contact Goku. Goku is eating lunch with the rest of the team (this is before the seyan saga.) Then King Kai tell Goku about the tree of might. Goku then goes and tries to destroy it. Soon only Goku, Gohan, and Piccalo are left to face Turlis. Turlis uses a fake moonlight blast to turn Gohan in to a giant monkey. Gohan then goes on a rampage. Turlis then attempts to destroy Gohan but Goku cuts off Gohan's tail making the blast miss. Then things get good. Goku goes all out but fails. Then everyone plead for help. So Goku absorbs the tree of might's energy into one sprit bomb and destroys Turlis and the tree of might at the same time.This ends Dragon Ball Z movie 3 Tree of Might.


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