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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Movie Summaries

Movie #1 - The Dead Zone

I am Doing Movie 1 Deadzone, Japanese dubbed.
Gohan is studying outside.Goku is fishing, and Chi-chi is working inside. It starts off at Gohan's house. Everyone is doing what I just said. Ox-king comes with loads of gifts for Gohan. Gohan gives Ox-king a hug. Chi-chi comes out and Greets her father. Then Ox-king looked like he was stunned."Stop it Grandpa!" Gohan whines.Ox-king starts to fall forward. He almost squished Gohan with his massive self. A small hooded figure stood behind where Ox-king used to be. "I want the thing in the kids head!" He said (Meaning Gohans dragonball) The figure turned out to be Garlic jr (gj). Gj approached Gohan. Chi-chi stood in a fighting pose. One of Gj minions beat up Chi-chi. "Run Gohan!" she said before she passed out. Gohan ran but was easily kidnapped.Gj wished for Immortality with the seven dbs. Goku heard the scream of Chi-chi and ran back to the house. A minion of gj had to watch Gohan at Gj lair. Goku found out who kidnapped Gohan and left on Nimbus. 

The minion who watched Gohan picked a weird lookin apple from a tree at the lair and ate it. Gohan rubbed his stomach and said "I'm hungry." He took an apple from the tree. "No don't eat it." Said the minion. "You did." Gohan said, he took a bite. The fruit made Gohan drunk and he started walking on the edge of the tall lair. A song came on and the minione tried to stop Gohan. Goku found the lair and started fighting the other minions. Picollo and Krillen came. "Krillen, Get Gohan!" Goku yelled. Piccollo killed a minion and Goku killed the other 2. Kami came and had a flashback when He and Garlic senior rivaled for Guardian of the Earth. He started fighting Gj and then Piccolo came to Kami. Afew minutes later He left. The mayko star came and Gj grew into the larger and stronger self. Krillen had caught Gohan and tried to leave. Piccollo and Goku started to fight Gj. They were no match for Gj so the took of their training clothes (like Piccollos cape and Gokus wrist bands). They beat up Gj and when they thought he was dead they started fighting each other( they are still enemys). Gj, Enraged that no one believe that he was immortal,  so he opened the deadzone. stones started to get sucked up into the  portal. Goku and Piccollo helled on to cyllender stones for dear life Krillen let go of Gohan and helled on to. 

Gohan, enraged that his dad was getting hurt, started to so a lot of power. His eyes did'nt have pupils, his tail waving. He sent a blast to Gj. Gj flew into his own Deadzone Witch shattered and broke into a thousand pieces. (You'll under stand better if you see the Movie)Piccolo leaves because he is tired and doesnt want to fight Goku right now,Gohan is carryed by Goku who is riding on Nimbus. Krillen leaves to. Goku says to Gohan "Wait'll Chi-chi hears that you defeated Gj! Well, maybe we'll well her when your older." 

The end - Jordan Collingridge


Gohan is studying and Goku is fishing. Gohan hears that his grandpa is home and that his grandpa has brought him presents. Gohan looks out and sees that Chichi and his grandpa are attacked by a small hooded figure and he says i want the dragonball on the kids head. The figure turns out and trys to blast Gohan, but misses. That evening Gohan is captured and Goku hears Gohan crying and he goes searching for Gohan. At the eastern coast there a castle lies and Gohan is captured by the the figure and the figure turns out to be Gj (Garlic junior). Goku finds the castle and later finds that Piccolo and Krillin are following Goku. Gj finds that Goku and the others have got,en in his castle, so Gj transforms into a beast. Goku and Piccolo fight Gj and Krillin looks for Gohan. After a menacing battle Gj opens the Dead Zone and with Gohans power he is trapped into the the Dead Zone. - sborzoo

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