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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 9 - Princess Snakes Hospitality

Reviewed by Dbztape23 -

Episode 9 - Princess Snake's Hospitality - Goku reaches the part of Snakeway where he was when he fell. He meets up with the street cleaner again and jumps over it. The street cleaner is paying too much attention to Goku and drives off the edge of Snakeway. On Kame's lookout tower, Yamcha, Tien, Chouzu, Yajirobe, and Krillen are awaiting training from Kame. Tien is a three-eyed bald man and Chouzu is a small little white thing that looks like a mime. Goku is running when he comes across a huge Palace. He thinks it is King Kai's place.&nbsp; </p> <p class="MsoBodyText">The inhabitants of the palace are greenish-blue. The princess of the palace greets Goku. She thinks he is handsome. Goku says he wants special training. Princess Snake begins to dance with him. Goku thinks that King Kai is testing him. So he punches Princess Snake. That is when one of her assistants tells Goku that that isn't King Kai. Goku apologizes and takes the offer to stay for dinner. Princess Snake says she doesn't want Goku to leave. One of the assistants says she will put sleepy grass in his drink. Gohan is playing in a cave by a fire. Piccolo splits himself in half to train. The two Piccolos fight each other. They agree to train for three hours then check on Gohan. They are moving at an incredibly fast pace. They launch energy attacks at one another.&nbsp; </p> <p class="MsoBodyText">At Kame's tower, Kame is talking to the warriors. Goku is eating dinner. He eats it all very fast. Goku tries to leave but, they insist on having Goku take a bath. Piccolo is still training with his counter-part. He shoots a Beam Cannon at him. That's the same technique used to kill Raditz. Princess Snake is checking on Goku. Her assistants make the sky turn dark, creating a romantic mood. She asks Goku a question. He doesn't answer because was playing under the water. Piccolo's training continues, when the time is up when they have to check on the kid. They go back together to form one Piccolo. </p> <p class="MsoBodyText">Goku is ready to leave when her assistants do the sacred dance of honor. Princess Snake brings Goku some orange juice with a ton of sleepy grass in it. He begins to get drowsy. He falls asleep. Goku mutters about his family in his dream. They look into his dreams using a special mirror. Princess Snake begins to get jealous. She shows her true form. A huge snake! Goku wakes up. The walls around him turn into the walls of a snake's body. Goku flies as fast as he can out of the snake's stomach. The warriors atop Kame's tower are training hard. Kame comments on how much they need Goku.


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