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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 99 - Extreme Measures

Kami’s lookout is completely destoryed and Garlic Jr. and the Spice Boys have powerd up to maximum with the needed help of the Macuol Star!  It doesn’t look good for the Z fighters as the two Spice Boys give off a well planned demonstration.  Krillin and Gohan are totally stunned by their power, while Piccolo has his hands full with Garlic.  Piccolo and Garlic Jr. are going head to head, and Kami and Popo are trying to get through the whatever it is..  Kami is tring to stay awake, for if he falls asleep in this place he will never wake up!  Kami is just like everyone else tring to save his life except he has the life of the whole Earth in his hands.  The sacred water is the only thing that can save everyone’s life! 

Kami and Popo make a run for it when...POW krillin is getting slammed into everything possible and Gohan isn’t doing much better.  Kami’s lookout is even more banged up than before and krillin is SMASK on the ground.  Spice Boy:  “Look found a meat ball”, and he squishes krillin into the ground and kicks him like a football off of the lookout!  He is falling and Gohan has almost caught him when the Spice Boys attack Gohan and he is forced to stop.  The Spice Boys have the upper hand, when Gohan gets inraged thinking Krilin will die and blasts both the Spice Boys into dust! 

Garlic is still fighting Piccolo and thinks that he won.  He is screaming and laughing about killing Piccolo, when Gohan comes back with Krillin totally P.O.ed. Then concrete is bustin and Piccolo comes out and challenges Garlic.  Piccolo powers up and uses his power to expands his size!  Kami and Popo are still on the run when they hit an invisable wall!  Popo says that they can’t go any further without the former guardians permission when Kami blasts through the wall.  Their still running when Kami falls and his hand starts to disappear.  As well as Piccolo’s hand while he’s fighting Garlic. 

How could things get any worse?!  A lot of formor guardians catch Kaimi and he starts to disappear but he gets mad and blasts out of it.  Kami and Popo are fixing to hit another wall when Kami easily blasts through it!  Piccolo is having a hell of a time trying to fight against Garilc with half of his body disappearing when Gohan steps in the way and gives garlic a blast that tells him hes stronger than he looks!  Kami and Popo are almost to the Earth’s 7 air currents but a lot of guardians don’t like the idea. 

- Glenda Boulware


#99 Extreame Measures   
It starts off when Kami and Mr Popo are battling against the spirit's of the past 'Gaurdians Of Earth' Kami is getting shocked by the spirits and tells Popo todeliver the sacred water quickly!!! Popo does this and Piccolo is losing power against Garlic jr.
Popo plead's for the spirits to leave Kami alone!! but they just ignore him!! BUT mean-while Garlic jr notices the Sacred Water and is really angry, so he decides to open the portal to the Dead Zone!! so what will happen to our hero's well find out and read the reveiws!!
From your LARGEST FAN Adam Garnett!


 DragonBall Z #99 English version

Well it starts off with Transformed Garlic Jr. looking at Piccolo,Gohan, Krillen. The two remaining Spice Boys( Vinigar and Spice) Spice and vinigar transform into their powered up forms. Spice and Vinigar hit Gohan and Krillen sending them Flying across Kami's already ruined Lookout. Meanwhile Kami and Mr. Popo are trying to get passed the former Gaurdian of the earth Kami( who is somehow falling asleep) and mr.PoPo get passed the Gaurdians who is firing Lightning Bolts and also forming Pot holes for Kami and PoPo to fall into meanwhile Krillen is getting his butt kicked against the tall Blue Spice Boy( Vinigar) Gohan is actually doing fairly well but the Spice Boy manages to knee him in the stomach. Krillen is getting his ass kicked until he finally falls into a deep sleep. Kami and PoPo are running and run into a wall and slam up against the wall and they have those swirly eyes so Kami screeches and it breaks the wall Meanwhile Piccolo and Garlic Jr. are fairly even and Piccolo is dodging very easily but he trys to punch and Garlic Blocks him Krillen is now knocked out and the spice Boy kicks him off of Kami's Lookout and Krillen is to injured to Fly falls down. Gohan now is fighting both the spice Boys and he gets mad at them for hurting Krillen and fires to Masenkos out of both his hands and kills them Kami starts to lose power again and Piccolo loses to gfarlic Jr. Because of it and Garlic Jr. thinks he's dead so he now faces Gohan who has got krillen back and Krillen is back so Piccolo emerges from the rubble and says to Garlic Jr. '' You think your so Big well how about taking on someone your own size like me''. Piccolo then transforms into a being who is as big as Garlic Jr. and he beats the shit out of him and itlooks like Garlic Jr. is going to lose. Kami then strats to fade away again and just as he does this Piccolo( who is Blasting Garlic Jr. with a huge barrage of Ki Blasts) stops and begins breathing hard and Garlic Jr. says it is because Kami is fading away. Piccolo charges Garlic Jr. but his transformation wears off and Piccolo gets kicked by Garlic Jr. meanwhile Kami blows the gaurdians off of him using his energy and Piccolo gets his strength back for a little while and charges Garlic Jr. and punches and Kicks Garlic Jr. all over the place and beats him up for awhile until Kami starts to fade away and Garlic Jr. pushes down on Piccolo and knees him in the chest and is about to Blast him when Gohan comes and stops him from doing so by firing a Blast at him. Kami and Mr. PoPo find the worlds seven air currents and the episode ends with Gohan looking at Garlic Jr..

This Episdoe had its dull moments but there was plenty of action plus I never knew Piccolo could actually increase his power by transforming. I give this episode 5 DragonBalls out of 7.

- All material copyright of

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