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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 98 - Suicidal Course

Episode #98-Suicidal Course

Krillin gets the bottles containing Kami and Mr.  Popo.  He then releases them.  Gohan is knocked out after being beat by Piccolo.  Garlic Jr. looks in surprise that the two of them weren’t affected by the Black Water Mist.  Piccolo heals his bite marks that he got on Master Roshi’s island.  He said it was the only way he could get close to Garlic Jr. so he could get Kami released so he could have full power.  He said that the Black water Mist had no effect on him and that when he attacked Krillin he pretended to bite him but told him to pretend to be under control.  Then Piccolo tells Kami to release the Sacred Water.  Then Garlic Jr. starts laughing and reveals that at dawn anyone who is under the Dark Water Mist’s power will be permenatly.

Then it cuts to a burning city.  Then two people are running.  They go to a dark place and the girl says she’s scared.  The boy says that it’s the mist and that they’ll be okay there.  Then a herd of rats go across the screen and all that comes out is the girls shoe.  It pans to the sky and there’s a huge red star in space.

Back at Kami’s lookout, Mr. Popo says that there is a way to spread the Sacred Water throughout the entire world before the little time they have is up.  The Seven Air Currents are located inside Kami’s lookout.  Mr. Popo says that the path is a dangerous one and that he may encounter the former Gaurdians of the Earth.  Kami says that he will do and Mr. Popo trows out his carpet.  They get on it and fly off.  Garlic Jr. throws a blast that goes above them and slows them down.  Then the two remaining Spice Boys fly up to the carpet and try to attack them but Krillin and Gohan prevent that from happening.

Then it cuts to another planet and all you see is a blast.  When the dust clears Vegeta is standing there.  He tells everyone to swaer their loyalty to him.  They all try to shot him but Vegeta does a blast that destroyed all of them.

It goes back to Kami’s lookout.  Gohan is fighting one of the Spice Boys and he goes behind Gohan and his hair extends and entraps Gohan.  Then it goes to Piccolo fighting Garlic Jr.  Piccolo tries to grab Garlic Jr. by extending his arm.  Then he attacks him with a Special Beam Cannon.  Then it goes to Krillin fihgting the other Spice Boy.  He uses a Destructo Disc on him.  He catches it, throws it back and Krillinis knocked out.  Then Gohan escaped the hairs grasp and shot a blast to the Spice Boy who was fighting Krillin.  He was checking on how Krillin was when the Spice Boy he was fighting came up.  Krillin got up and head-butted the Spice Boy and Gohan went up to him and kicked him.  Piccolo is beating Garlic Jr.  who despite his losing was getting cocky so Piccolo attacks him through a numerous amount of walls.

Then it goes to Kami and Mr. Popo flying on the carpet through an area that has space related walls.  Mr. Popo says they are getting closer.

Then back at Kami’s lookout, Garlic Jr. says thatnot only is he imortal but he is now ten times more powerful.  He tells Piccolo to look up.  it pans up and there is a red planet in the sky.  He says that that is the Makeo Star, his home planet, and it has finally made its way to Earth.  Garlic Jr. starts power up.  The two Spice Boys revive when they relize he is transforming.  Piccolo tells Gohan and Krillin to run.

Then it goes back to Kami and Mr. Popo.  They are at a door.  Mr. Popo is trying to to open it and then does.  When it opens they see a black figure.

Then you see The dust clear on Kami’s lookout and its in ruins.  Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo pull themselves out of the dust.  Then you see a transformed Garlic Jr.

Then it goes back to Kami and Mr. Popo.  They enter the room.

Steven Bradley



Krillin and Piccolo reveal that they are not infected by the Black Water Mist

and have been just acting. They in turn release Kami and Popo and tell them to
quickly spread the Sacred Water over the Earth. Now with Kami and Popo gone
all hell breaks loose as Gohan finishs the Spice Boys and Piccolo forces
Garlic Jr. to transform. But, with the Makyo Star feeding him can he be

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