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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 94 - Black Fog of Terror

Dragonball Z Episode 94

Black Fog Of Terror - Garlic JR. Saga

 This episode starts out when Garlic Jr. unleashes the black water mist and all of the people and animals turn evil well Gohan gets on ucorist and goes to the Kame House for a party that Chi-Chi didn’t want him to go to.On Gohan’s way he meets up with all these animals wich got infected by the Black Water Mist so him and ucorist flew away and the Black Water Mist started to come and Ucorist’s and Gohan’s head get stuck in a hole.Then they go to the Kame House then Chi-chi comes with all these machine guns looking for Gohan.Then Gohan, Ucorist, Krillen And Marren start diving for fish and the Black Water Mist comes and everyone gets infected by the mist besides Gohan, Ucorist, Krillen and Marren.Then Chi-Chi, Master Roshi,Bulma and Yamcha try to beat up Gohan,Ucorist,Krillen and Marren.Then the Spice Boys come and tell Gohan and Krillen that their friends and family where infected by the Black Water Mist and they need to spread the sacred water in 24 hours our everyone will stay like that forever.Then piccalo shows up and starts beating up the Spice Boys.Then Yamcha bytes him and he turns evil.

Will they get the Sacred Water in time?

And What about piccalo?

Find out on the next dragonballz!!!!!!!!       

- Baylor Guild  


dragonball z 
episode 94
dubbed uncut version

this episode starts right after garlic jr unleashes the black water mist and 
people turn into demons a girl in her backyard inhales it and feels the 
symptoms and turns into a demon meanwhile gohan snuck out of the house on 
ickirus and heads for kame house he sees the mist and tells ickirus to hide 
in a cave he throws gohan in a cave and then tries to get in but gets stuck 
while outside the mist passes by they land in an area gohan sees a chipmunk 
and then it turns around revealing it`s been turned into a demon then other 
animals come out and try to attack gohan and ickirus but ickirus picks up 
gohan and takes off gohan says he was afraid he was gonna lose him meanwhile 
at kame house krillin`s fishing and yamcha tells krillin to use the other 
side of his pole krillin asks yamcha why he doesn`t come out and help and 
yamcha says because he`s not the one that promised marron fish so krillin 

(now here`s a part that was cut off the version shown on t.v.) 

master roshi is reading porn magazines and then marron comes outside in a 
bathing suit and just about all of her ass and tits are showing (in the 
version on t.v. they covered those parts) then roshi gets excited and he 
forgets his balance and falls off his beach chair (a part i found funny) then 
chichi comes in a plane looking for gohan they tell her he`s not there yet so 
she decides to wait then marron insults her calling her things like grandma 
then chichi threatens to kick marron`s ass but roshi steps in front and tells 
chichi marron doesn`t know any better (and now another seen that was cut off 
on t.v.) roshi backs up until he gets to marron and then grabs one of her 
tits marron tells him he`s even worst than the ``old lady'' then everyone 
gets in front of chichi to stop her from gettin` to marron then marron goes 
to help krillin they both go under water and the black water mist passes over 
them meanwhile everyone`s still holding back chichi then the mist passes 
through them and chichi,bulma,yamcha,master roshi,oolong,and puar get 
infected then after the mist is gone krillin,and marron come back up and 
gohan arrives krillin tells gohan about chichi and gohan is saddened marron 
tells krillin to take the blame at first he doesn`t want to but after marron 
blackmailed him he agreed when they head back to shore they find an infected 
chichi but they don`t know she`s infected so krillin tries marron`s method 
and gohan also apologizes only to get hit onto the ground then gohan heads 
for the roof of kame house while the others come out and bulma and yamcha 
close in on krillin while marron continuously hits master roshi on the head 
with a beach chair but of course it has no affect and ickirus is being chased 
by oolong and puar meanwhile on the roof gohan`s having hell with chichi when 
she tries to hit him again he grabs her arm and throws her off the roof when 
he gets down krillin comes crashing out the window and tells gohan they mean 
business then chichi wakes up and the spice boys arrive and everyone infected 
kneels down to them and they tell gohan that his friends`ve been infected by 
the black water mist gohan orders them to change them back but salt says they 
can`t only the sacred water can do that gohan tries to attack but they fire 
blsts to strangle him then piccolo arrives and the spice boys let go of gohan 
the spice boys say that the fun has just begun and piccolo asks them if they 
think slithering around in darkness to catch on people`s weaknesses is fun 
salt says that garlic jr can destroy him anytime piccolo`s suprised to hear 
that garlic jr`s back then the spice boys fly up to him and the episode ends

from snobdr450 (i like the garlic jr saga i think it`s the best saga in dbz)

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