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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 90 - Mighty Blast of Rage

Super Saiyan Goku is walking away from Frieza, who was cut in half by his own
attack. Namek is about to explode. SSJ Goku gives Frieza some of his energy.
Frieza hovers in the air, asking Goku what he's going to do with this new
power. Goku says he doesn't care, and starts to fly away. Frieza then
remembers when he first fought Goku, when Goku used Kao ken x20+Kamehameha
against him, when Goku threw the Spirit Bomb at him, from where Goku first
went Super Saiyan, and from when Goku told him he wasn't a challenge for him
now. Frieza then starts to rave that he is the Strongest in the Universe, and
then launches an energy blast at Goku. Goku then gets really mad and blasts
Frieza back, killing him. Now Son Goku is the Strongest in the Universe! Too
bad we haven't seen the last of Frieza.....



    The Episode starts out as Frieza is laying on the ground of Namek, cut
into many pieces.  Frieza starts to tell Goku to help him.  At first Goku
tells him how he wished  that he would have spared Krillin and doesn't want
to help him, but with Goku's soft heart, gives him some of his energy. 
    Frieza starts to float up, and asks Goku if he knew what he was going to
do with the energy.  He keeps talking for awile longer, and as Goku starts to
fly off towards Frieza's spaceship, Frieza uses the energy to blast him. 
Goku then turns around, shouts "DONT YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!? I SPARED YOUR LIFE AND THIS IS HOW YOU THANK ME?!?!?!?!?! Then, as Goku is enraged, the story of this episode, lives up to it's name.  Goku sends out a "mighty blast of rage" and destroys Frieza.  He comments, "It's so sad that his life had to end that
way, in hatred of all saiyans." 
    He then flies off towards Frieza's damaged ship, wondering if he would be
able to make it in time, wondering if the ship would cooperate with him, if
it would run properly, and wondering when he would ever see his wife,
Chi-Chi, his son Gohan, his good friend Piccolo, or his even better friend
Krillin ever again.  The show then ends with a cliffhanger, and once again,
leaves its viewers in suspence.


   This is my review on the english-dubbed Dragonball
episode #90 "Mighty Blast of Rage". Before I start, if you wanna tell me about a part of an episode or somthin
   The episode starts with Freeza sayin' how hes the best and how Goku tricked him.Then Goku says that he doesn't care.He flies off and transforms back to a
regular saiyan.Freeza then shouts"You foolish monkey, nobody defeats the mighty Freeza!"thenthrows an energy blast at Goku which makes him mad because he spared
Freeza's lifeand Freeza still tried to kill him,anyways he get's so mad that he transforms back to Super-Saiyan ,then throws a blast at Freeza then destroys him...
      Cough,Cough,YEAH RIGHT,Cough
    Will Goku make it off Namek in time,see the answer? next time on Dragonball Z!
         That's all 4 now,Later,Birdman


Mighty Blast of Rage

by Ashley Smith

Frieza had been throwing his Ki En Zan Disks until Goku had started to beat him around. Frieza got caught off guard and was slashed by his own attack. Goku, being the second chance giver he is, donated some energy to Frieza. Now, Frieza is wondering what to do with it.

Since he has energy, Frieza wonders what to do with it. Goku says to fly away and think about his miserable defeat. This enfuriates Frieza.

On Earth, Guru is looking at all his Namekian followers and claims that it is a perfect day. All the Nameks hurry to be with Guru in his last moment of life. Guru's village aren't there though. Vegeta explains that it is because the Dragonballs only revived the Nameks killed by Frieza or his henchmen; that doesn't include him. Guru calls upon the second oldest Namek in the group. Muuri is the name of him. Guru puts his hand n Muuri's head. Now, Muuri has the power of the Dragonballs. Guru finally dies and Gohan reminisces the time he had his power awakened by Guru. Piccolo comforts Dende who realizes Nail has fused with Piccolo. Gohan and Bulma are told that they can revive Krillin with the Namekian Dragonballs as soon as they're charged up. Gohan rejoices.

Goku walks off until Frieza tells him that he can't get off Namek. He taunts Goku with a circus ringmaster line. He tells Goku that there is no chance to get off becuase his spaceship is too far away and Vegeta destroyed Frieza's ship. Frieza tries to rub the irony in Goku's face, but replies with,

"It was enough to beat you," and flies off. Frieza remembers things about Goku. First, he thinks about when he is told that the fight is over. Next, he thinks about when he first met Goku. Then, how Goku vowed to kill him and how he (Frieza) had difficulty controlling a Kamehameha from Goku. After that, he remembers how Goku managed to hurt him badly with he Spirit Bomb. Finally, he remembers how he turned Goku Super Saiyan and was easily defeated. In a fit of anger, Frieza shoots a big blast of energy at Goku from behind. This enrages Goku and bounces the attack back at Frieza. This kills Frieza once and for all. Now Goku has to worry about to get off Namek, but his chances dont look good in the next episode.



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