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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 8 - Home for Infinite Losers

Reviewed by Dbztape23 -

Episode 8 - Home for Infinite Losers - The street cleaner is still carrying Goku when it hits a bump and he falls off of Snakeway. He lands in a place where there are no leaves on the trees. The place is a dump. Goku smells food and goes to investigate. He comes to tree and tries to pick a fruit off of it when a club hits him on the head, knocking him out. Piccolo is hovering by a temple meditating. The temple begins to rise up into the air. Piccolo did it. The same dinosaur is still chasing Gohan. He laughs gleefully as he is being chased. Under Snakeway, Goku is waking up.&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoBodyText" align="left">A large blue ogre upbraids him for trying to steal King Yemma's fruit. Then another red ogre comes and does the same thing. They tell Goku that he has fallen under Snakeway. Piccolo lifts the temple again with his mind, way up in the air this time. The other temples around him begin to crack and crumble to the ground. Now Gohan is chasing the dinosaur. Almost half of its tail is gone. A huge crack forms in the ground from Piccolo. Gohan thinks it is an earthquake. He falls into the huge crack but is saved by his sword. Goku tries jumping back on top of snake way. But he just can't reach it. The two ogres decide to have a contest of rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to play with Goku. The blue one wins. The red one has to do the paper work. The ogre throws Goku into the clouds, higher than he jumped. Goku still cannot reach the edge.&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoBodyText" align="left">The blue ogre challenges Goku to a wrestling match, to see who is stronger. If Goku wins the ogre will show Goku how to make it back to snake way. The ogre punches and pushes Goku with all his might, but Goku is unharmed, wondering if it is his turn. He easily pushes the ogre out of the ring by creating wind by moving his hands really fast. The blue ogre's name is Gaz. Goku is standing on a huge see-saw looking thing and Gaz is going to catapult him to the top of Snakeway. Goku still doesn't reach but creates a large energy, the Kamehameha, to propel himself even further. He hits the bottom of Snakeway, and falls back down. T</p> <p class="MsoBodyText" align="left">he red ogre, Raz, challenges Goku to a contest. If Goku can catch him, Raz will take Goku to a secret passageway to Snakeway again. Raz is the fastest ogre in the land. The contest starts. Raz takes off. Gaz says that no one has ever caught Raz except for King Yemma. Goku almost catches him but misses. Goku leaps over a large fountain. Raz is resting on top of a hill when Goku comes up behind him. Raz takes off again to a carnival. Raz gets on the roller coaster. He jumps off and gets on the bumper cars. Goku finds him there. Raz leaves the carnival. Goku suggests having a piece of the fruit from Yemma's tree. If you eat a piece of the fruit, the person who eats it will not be hungry for three months. Raz begins chasing Goku. Goku turns around and catches him. Raz shows Goku the passage. It is in the side of a mountain. Goku ascends a huge staircase, and comes out of Yemma's drawer on his desk, keep in mind Yemma is a giant so everything of his is huge. Goku has to start all over again from the beginning of Snakeway. There is only three months before the arrival of the Saiyans.&nbsp; </p> <p class="MsoBodyText" align="left">--------------- </p> <div> this review is a dragon ball z usa dubbed episode episode #8 home for infinte losers after goku falls down to a odd&nbsp; place&nbsp; after he finds fruit, a blue ogre appears and tells him not to take the fruit. After the blue ogre challenges goku, goku wins and uses the flying machine which is no help, then a very very fast red ogre challenges him to a race&nbsp; he </div> <div> finally wins a race and the ogre shows him the way out. but it ends up to lead to another strange area.&nbsp; I give this episode 5 of 5 stars as one of the shows </div> <div> best.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; My name is Mike Johnson </div> <p class="MsoBodyText" align="left">

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