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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 87 - Duel on a Vanishing Planet

While Gokuu and Frieza continue their battle on Namek (2 minutes to go!)...
On King Kai's planet, Kai, Tien, and Yamucha discuss Gokuu's chances for
On Earth, Guru states to Gohan and Bulma that Krillin cannot be wished back
because he has been wished back once already, and that Gokuu is not on
Earth because he chose to stay and fight on Namek.  Guru adds that Namek is
about to explode.  The Namekians are shocked!
Piccolo says that Gokuu chose to stay to make sure that Frieza was defeated
even though the planet's explosion will destroy him.  What honor!  Piccolo
remembers back to when Demon Piccolo spit out the egg and that Piccolo was
born hating Gokuu. Piccolo only lived for the chance to see Gokuu die.  We
see a flashback to the 23rd Tenka'ichi Budokai when Piccolo and Gokuu were
battling.  Even though Piccolo was able to increase to giant size, Gokuu
still found a way to defeat him.  From that day, Piccolo knew that there
was something different about Gokuu - that he was not of this world.
Piccolo next remembers the fight with Raditz.  At that time, he intended to
kill Gokuu, but Gokuu died during the fight.  Piccolo says,  "How could I
hate someone who made such an honorable sacrifice?"  Piccolo wonders why
Gokuu sent him back to earth because Piccolo wanted to fight Frieza
alongside Gokuu.  Piccolo states, "Gokuu, now your power is greater than
mine, and so is your character."
Gohan starts to cry.
Bulma kicks the frog out of sight.
Vegita approaches and says that Kakarot stayed because he can't turn down a
good fight because of his Saiyan nature.  He adds that nothing will stop
Kakarot and Frieza from fighting until planet Namek explodes and they go
out with a bang!  Since Vegita was brought back from the dead, he states
that he is now stronger than ever.  When Kakarot and Frieza are gone, he
will be the strongest in the universe!  Boy, will he enjoy this!  Now
Vegita is in charge and everyone must do as he says!  He invites Gohan to
battle with him to celebrate!
Gohan is furious.
Furthermore, Vegita adds, he knows there are Dragonballs on Earth and he
intends to wish for immortality so he can rule the universe for eternity!
Piccolo counters, "Too late!  The Dragonballs have already been used to
wish you and the others back to life!"
Back at King Kai's, Kai fears that Gokuu is in over his head.
On Earth, Guru can no longer tell what is happening on Namek.  Piccolo
says, don't worry, Gokuu will be back.  Bulma whimpers, "Gokuu, please
don't die!"  And Gohan begins to cry again.
Only one minute to go until Namek's destruction!  Frieza shouts, "Only one
of us is leaving alive!"

by Whooper



Dual on a Vanishing Planet – Frieza and Goku duel on the exploding planet.  No clear winner yet, just fun fighting and ball-bustin!

Frieza & Goku are the only ones left on the planet.


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