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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 82 - Namek's Destruction

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Namek’s Destruction – Frieza realizes he cannot defeat Goku.  He decides to blow up the entire planet (Planet Namek) and this will kill Goku.  Frieza knows he can live in outer space and Goku cannot.  He fires a massive bolt into the earth’s core.  Stand back … She’s gonna blow!  - Pojo

  1. ----------------
Frieza Saga: #82 Namek's Destruction?
                  English dubbed Dragon Ball Z
         Hello people! Kokopelli Dragonslayer here saying that Pojo is the best,
and here's the review!
         Frieza is still as scared as he was when we left, but he quickly
recovers telling Goku all about how Vegeta tried to be the Super Sayain
so much.
         Back at the HQ, the aliens are trying to measure the power levels of
Frieza and Goku. When they try to see Goku's the power overloads the
         Goku and Frieza are going and Goku tells Frieza that he's done for.
Frieza gets real mad and says that no one ever talks to him like that.
Goku starts to make his Kamaehamaeha, and Frieza surrounds himself with a
ball of red and black energy to clash with Goku's yellow and white.
         Gohan reaches the spaceship drops Piccolo off and gets a call from Chi
Chi. They talk a while until Gohan walks out because he says that he has
to leave. Chi Chi says that he's grounded. Gohan flies off.
         Frieza threatens Goku and he throws a huge blast at the planet. Frieza
laughs as it goes under the water and throgh the rock. He is going to
try to destory Namek.
         Bulma hangs on as her piece of land shakes and she manages to pull
herself up she ends her bit of the episode with, " I don't want to die."
         The blast is still going and Goku says that he can't stop it.
         At King Kai's place, King Kai receives a message from Kami. They find
out that Piccolo must still be alive, so Namek hasn't blown up yet.
         Gohan is still flying.
         Frieza is still able to be nasty. He says that the planet will explode
and Goku won't have any air to breathe even if he survives the
explosion, which, by the way, is supposed to happen in the next 5
minutes.  Goku says that that's more time than he'll need to beat Frieza
and get out of Namek.
         Gohan (guess what?) is still flying toward Bulma. Can he get to her?
         Can Goku defeat Frieza before he goes in t
his final stage?
         Will everyone get off in time?
                  I have a feeling that it's going to be a long 5 minutes (so long that
it'll take up a whole episode or more), so catch the next Dragon Ball



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