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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 81 - Explosion of Anger



Goku starts off by telling Gohan to leave and to take Piccolo back to the ship and leave. Frieza tries to kill Gohan and Piccolo while they are leaving! Goku jumps up to where Frieza is and grabs his hand and knocks him to the ground. Frieza gets away from his grip and stands back stunned at what had just happened. He realizes Goku is a SSJ and is now afraid of Goku. Goku strikes Frieza with some hard hits and sends him flying into the ground.  Frieza comes back up and starts to tell Goku his Saiyan race is just like himself and as evil and hateful. Frieza tries hitting Goku with all he has got but Goku just stands there not being injured at all. Frieza tries to hit him again numerous times but Goku just can’t be hit. Goku fires a quick blast at Frieza and knocks him back far and takes his breath away. Than he continues his assault and Frieza can’t keep up. They come to a stop and sit there staring at eachother for a while. Than Frieza fires a blast and wonders how Goku could dodge it at that close of range, He fires more and more and Goku continues to dodge each one. Than Goku lets himself get hit and lets Frieza know he can’t be killed by him. Goku proclaims to Frieza what he is and that he will stop Frieza!



Frieza Saga: #81 Explosion of Anger
                  English dubbed  Dragon ball Z

         Hey y'all! Kokopelli Dragonslayer coming at you with some news. In my
last review, I got a little messed up because it was so late. But not to
worry, I've got everything in order now! On with the review!
         When we start off we see Goku in Super Sayain with a surprised look
from Frieza. Goku tells Gohan to go back to the ship and not to come
back to him. Gohan takes Piccolo and they leave.
         Goku gets to Frieza by using an instant transport and starts to tell
Frieza off for destroying his friends. Frieza takes a lot of damage.
         On the way back to the ship, Gohan talks about how great Goku is.
         Now we see Chi Chi arguing with Bulma's dad about the space capsule
that he was trying to fix. Master Roshi talks about Goku's new power.
         Goku and Frieza are still at it, but it seems that the tables have
turned for Frieza at last. Goku sends Frieza into the ground, therefore
creating a large hole. Then there's a blast of light and Frieza comes
out looking in pretty bad shape. Frieza starts to talk about the Sayains
and how he and Goku are alike. Then Frieza gets mad and throws some
energy blasts at Goku. Goku's fine, which angers Frieza even more, so he
throws fireballs at Goku to no effect. Goku sends Frieza backwards and
begins to chase Frieza and to be frank, beats him up bad. Then they face
each other. Frieza goes nuts again fires blasts at Goku. Frieza is
amazed that Goku can dodge the blasts at this close range. The smoke
clears and there stands Goku telling Frieza that he's ,"the universe's
new hope... the light in the darkness, an ally  to good, and" to Frieza,
"You're worst nightmare."
         By the look on Frieza's face you could tell that Goku wasn't kidding.

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