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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 80 - Transformed at Last

Episode title: transformed at last

Hi my name is sasha akbari and this is my second favorite episode because goku turns into a super saiyan and visit my web site if you want to see pokemon digimon and dragonballz and join the pdz club at here’s the story

After goku throw the spirit bomb at  freeza they were celebrating and then freeza came after a while and then send a beam to goku but piccolo came in front and took the shout and goku was getting angry then he sent krillin in the air and exploded and then goku exploded with anger and became a super saiyan and told gohan to take piccolo (he’s still alive) to the spaceship he came in and get bulma and go as far as they can and then goku was going to take on  freeza till next time on dragonballz

- Sasha


Episode- Transformed at last
At the start of the episode we see Krillin and Gohan looking into the massive hole in the earth that was the spirit bomb, currently overflowing with water. Gohan sees a green hand emerging from the water and grabbing hold of a rock. Its Piccolo and he is dragging Goku with him. Krillin and Gohan fly over and everyone starts laughing over freeza's defeat.
In Limbo, Tien, Yamcha and Chaitsu are kicking around the Ginuu force, who never really stood a chance. The Ginuu force aren't really having a good day. First the find out their leader Freeza has been defeated ( Jaice calls Kai an old coot )now they are all sent flying into Hell, with no way to get out.
Mean while, Krillin glances up in the sky and sees... Freeza! It appears freeza was not destroyed by the Spirit Bomb, and is ready to destroy all, he starts off by shooting a lazer, which hits Piccolo and he looks dead. Then, Krillin is sent flying into the air by freeza, his last words were 'help me!' but no-one could. Freeza explodes Krillen. Krillin is dead.This REALLY steams up Goku, he shouts,'I wont let you get away with this!!' Bolts of lightning start to go off around Goku, We see his face grimacing, then his hair starts to rise and turn blonde, his eyes turn blue and his eyebrows turn blonde too. Goku is The legendary Super Saiya-jin, and Freeza better look out, because your time is up!

- Lauren Cordy


Transformed at last

gohan and krullin flew toward where goku and picoolo was. When they arrived There they saw nothing, but land and water. All of a sudden picoolo rise up The water and his left hand had goku. Gohan and krullan flew toward them so Hteey could greet goku and picoolo. All of a sudden freeza survive showed and not a single scratch in his Body. All of a sudden goku started to become mad and the next thing we know Freeza use a small fireball at krullan and kill him. The sky of namek became Darker and goku anger even got worse. Freeza shoot another beam at picoolo, But thank goodness he survived. Then a golden light surrounds goku and he Started to change. His eyes became green and his eyebrows and hair become Blonde. Goku finally is a supersaiyan, the first one in 2,000 years. The end For this episode.

- Lololil


Summary: Short
English Version

Everyone rejoices over the fact that Goku's Spirit Bomb has destroyed
Frieza...or so they think. After laughing and happiness, Frieza appears and
fires a beam aimed at Goku. Piccolo takes the hit through the chest and Goku
becomes mad. Frieza fires another beam and everyone dodges except Krillin who
takes the hit head on. Frieza taunts him, then sends him in the air and makes
him explode. Goku becomes extremely upset and starts saying "You will
pay...Frieza." His hair starts to change slowly and his eye color goes from
black to blueish green. A surge of energy comes over him and he becomes Super
Saiyan. He tells Gohan to take Piccolo to the ship he used to get to Namek
and to get off of the planet. Gohan refuses at first, but then agrees. Goku
loooks at Frieza with rage and prepares to attack.


Hi! My name is Peter. I'd like to write a summary of a Dragonball Z Episode. It is
Dragonball Z Episode 80-Transformed At Last. This episode is English dubbed.
Here is the summary.

Episode 80 Transformed At Last
The episode starts out with the oceans flowing. Gohan and Krillin are standing in front of the ocean trying to sense Goku's and Piccolo's life force.

Krillin: You think that's the end of Frieza?
Gohan: I hope so...but where's my daddy? He was pretty close when the blast went off. So maybe he's...maybe he went too close!
Krillin: Hey don't worry.
Gohan: But I can't feel his..his presence.
Krillin: That's because you're not concentrating hard enough on it Gohan...and besides he was with Piccolo they're both alright
Gohan: Hmm? Look! What is that?...over there.

Krillin and Gohan are both watching the ocean ready for something to happen.
Suddenly a green hand pops out.

Krillin: Huh?
Gohan: It's Piccolo!

Piccolo pulls a tired Goku out of the water.

Krillin: Goku!
Gohan: It's my dad he's alive! Yeah!
Krillin: Well Gohan what are you waiting for? Whoah! Oh man, it's hard to fly
because we used up most of our energy against Frieza!
Gohan: Piccolo! Dad! Dad! Piccolo!

Goku gets up.

Gohan: Dad!
Goku: Gohan?
Krillin: Oh Goku, you okay?
Gohan: Piccolo.
Piccolo: Yes?
Gohan: Ah! Nothin.
Gohan and Goku both laugh.
Goku: Hey! Sorry if I made you worried.
Krillin: Goku you're Spirit Bomb was just awesome! It was so huge!
Goku: That's because it was filled with every living creature in the solar system!
Gohan: I gotta admit. I thought I'd never see you again.
Piccolo: Hmm! Surely you must of had more faith in your father than that.
Krillin: I guess now we can all get down to Earth. For a while there I think we'd
never get back. What I meant was it's not that I didn't have faith in Goku it's just...I'm homesick.
Piccolo: Huh?
Goku: Huh?
Gohan: Huh!
Goku, Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin are all laughing now.
Now it goes to King Kai's planet.
King Kai: Goku has done it! He's finally defeated Frieza! Oh! Happy day, Happy day!
Jeice: What are you talkin about you old chimp no one can defeat Frieza!
Guldo was so surprised he tripped.
Guldo: Impossible
Burter: No way!
Reccome: You sure?
Tien: If Goku's won then so have we.
Chiaotzu: And that means if Piccolo's alive then we can get ourselves back to Earth!
Yamcha: Lets do it!
Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu attack the Ginyu Force. The Ginyu Force attacks back.
Yamcha starts taking Recoome with a flurry of punches and blocks. Recoome does the same. Yamcha suddenly gives Recoome a nice kick in the back. Recoome is annoyed and Yamcha is ready for more.
In another spot there are explosions of blue and red by Burter and Jeice. Tien is taking them. Jeice throws a red ball of energy and Burter throws a blue one.
Tien just blocks them.

Jeice: Now you've done it! Purple Comet Attack!
Burter: Comet Flash Attack!

Tien dodges the two attacks. Burter and Jeice starts swinging in the attack like a tornado. Tien powers up. Tien charges at the planet looking attack. Tien fiercely plows through it. It flies out of King Kai's planet. Burter and Jeice simply fall of Snake Way into the Bloody Pond.
Mez: What was that?
Burter and Jeice start struggling in the pond.

Yamcha's charging at Recoome. Recoome is backing away not knowing that Yamcha's behind him. Yamcha just gives him a juicy fist of Ki in the back.
Recoome goes flying.
Yamcha: And he's down for the count.
Recoome joins the other two in the Bloody Pond.
Goz: Ah! I hate it when they start to belly flop.
All three of them are now struggling in the Bloody Pond.
Guldo: Jeice?...Uh?...Uh?...Burter?...Recoome? AHHHH!
Chiaotzu just throws an energy blast at Guldo. Gulod goes flying to the bloody pond.
Chiaotzu: Hooray! We won! We won! We defeated the Ginyu Force!
It goes back to the Bloody Pond.
Recoome: Those rats! Just wait till I get outta here!
Mez: If you think you're getting out of there you've got another thing coming
because it's not so easy to get out of there.
Recoome powers up.
He just sinks back in to the pond. Then the Ginyu Force uses a wave to jump high in the sky. Recoome bumps his head onto the ceiling. Burter and Jeice try to push him through.
Guldo falls down and knocks them down back to the pond.
It goes back to King Kai's planet.
King Kai: Way to go guys! Your training payed off handily. When I invited the Ginyu Force here I never thought you's beat them.
Yamcha: You invited those guys?
King Kai: Uh! What I meant to say was that the Ginyu Force showing up here was much of a surprise to me too. I mean it's not like I brought them here to help train you or anything. Oh! Silly thought. So why don't we just forget about them shall we? Good job man! Good job! Woohoo! You know I'll bet you three are
worried I might even invite Frieza himself here aren't you? Get it it's a joke.
It goes back to Planet Namek
Goku: Well guys if we leave right now it'll take us just about 5 days to get home.
Gohan: Yeah! I can see my mom again! And I'll see all my friends.
Krillin yells.
Krillin: Ahh! We forgot about Bulma what are we going to do?
Goku: Don't scare me like that Krillin. For a second I thought you saw Frieza again.
Krillin: In some ways Bulma's worse than Frieza. At least that's how I feel.
Now everyone is laughing.
Goku: Don't make me laugh Krillin I still ache all over.
Piccolo: Well it looks like we were too late to save the Planet Namek. I just hope Guru and all of his loyal followers who wre destroyed can all now rest in peace.
Gohan: What?
Krillin: WhWhat how in the world do you know about Guru Piccolo?
All of a sudden Krillin gets scared.
Goku: What is it Krillin?
Gohan: Huh?
The almighty Frieza shows up pointing a finger at Goku to kill him with his Death Beam once and for all.
Goku, Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin: It's Frieza!
Krillin: That's impossible you made a direct hit with your Spirit Bomb and no one could survive that!
Gohan: Mommy!
Frieza launches his painful Death Beam at Goku.
Piccolo: Goku!
Goku is pushed out of the way but Piccolo is sacrificed. However this does not effect Kami other than a little indegestion. Piccolo should be okay even though we don't know that. Everyone thinks he is dead.
Goku: Oh No!
Gohan: No! No! Piccolo!...Piccolo!!!!!
It goes back to King Kai's planet.
King Kai: No! How could he!
Tien: Hey! King Kai what's wrong?
King Kai: Poor Piccolo! Poor Poor Piccolo.
Yamcha: But I thought you said Goku defeated Frieza!
King Kai: It's all my fault! I was foolish to think Frieza could be defeated! This is more horrible than I ever imagined.
Now we are back at Planet Namek.
Krillin: Piccolo? Hey Piccolo?!
Goku: Frieza!
Frieza: I must say that Spirit Bomb of yours sure packed a wallop. It even knocked the breath out of me.
Goku: Gohan, Krillin! Listen up! The spaceship I used to get to this planet shouldn't be too far from here. Find Bulma in the ship and then get as far away from here as you can. C'mon what are you waiting for.
Gohan: I'm not going. I'd never let youfight Frieza alone.
Goku: Listen Gohan! You have to get out of here now! You don't have a say in the matter.
Krillin: But Goku.
Gohan: We can't leave
Frieza: If you think that you're little friends can escape me you're sadly
Frieza points his finger at Krillin this time.
Gohan: Krillin look out!
Frieza: This time you won't come back!
Goku: Krillin no!
Gohan: Krillin!
Goku: Frieza stop this!
Krillin: Help Me!
Those were the last words of Krillin before he exploded into dust.
It goes to King Kai's planet
Chiaotzu: Now who was it?
King Kai: It was Krillin.
It goes back to Namek
Frieza: Pop goes the weasel!
Goku: I won't let you..get away with this!
Frieza: Huh?
Goku: I won't let you...
Goku is really angry and now he is a Super Saiyan!!!!!!
Goku: Gohan listen very carefully. You must leave this planet now and take Piccolo with you got it? This is the last time I'm going to tell you. Get outof here right now Gohan!
Now it goes to Bulma and Captain Ginyu as a frog.
Now it's back to Frieza and SS Goku.
Has Frieza pushed Goku's rage to new heights and can Goku avenge the life of his close friend Krillin. Only way to find out is to stay tuned to the next exciting episode of Dragonball Z!

- All material copyright of

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