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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 7 - Trouble on Arlia 

Reviewed by Dbztape23 -

Episode 7 - Trouble on Arlia - Gohan wakes up the next morning excited because it is breakfast time. He grabs a bowl he made and quickly runs to a tree and jumpkicks it. A on of fruits fall out of the tree and he catches them all in the bowl. He quickly eats them up. The dinosaur that killed his friends appears and Gohan isn't amused. He runs away laughing. He mocks the dinosaur. He jumps up into the air and comes back down and cuts off some of the dinosaurs tail. He builds a fire and roasts the slab of meat. Piccolo is watching and is pleased. 

Meanwhile in space, the two Saiyans are flying in space. Their spacepods land on a planet called Arlia. They get out of their spacepods commenting on how they haven't had a good fight in a long time. The aliens on the planet Arlia find them. The planet is a dump. Both Saiyans are wearing a scouter. They comment on how their planet was destroyed a long time a go. An alien appears tries to kill them, but is demolished by the two Saiyans. They are incredibly strong. Back on Earth, Roshi is talking to the turtle. They are wondering if Goku will make it King Kai's in time of the arrival of the two Saiyans. Goku is running on Snakeway when he meets up with a street cleaner. The man in the car says that he is about a quarter of the way to King Kai's place. The cleaner says that he will give Goku a ride. Goku climbs onto the back of the street cleaner and goes to sleep. 

Back on Arlia, there is a tournament going on between the aliens. They are fighting with swords. The two Saiyans' names are Vegita the smaller one, and Nappa the bigger one. Vegita seems to be the boss of Nappa. Gohan is running from a tiger. They are playing together. Gohan stops and gathers some berries for dinner. They chase each other some more. On Arlia, the king is informed of Vegita and Nappa's arrival. The two show up in the throne room. The king says that the two Saiyans are to fight the champion in combat. The fight lasts for about 2 seconds. Nappa blows him up. A swarm of guards appear and try to attack Vegita and Nappa. They are all killed. 
Piccolo is sitting on top of a rock, meditating. Gohan and the tiger are still playing. Gohan is out-running the tiger. Piccolo creates a huge tornado which blows the tiger and Gohan back.  Back on Arlia, the two Saiyans are getting back in their spacepods when they decide to blow the planet up with a huge energy ball attack. They do so then fly off, once again heading towards the Earth. 

Piccolo is watching Gohan from afar that night. The full moon is out and Gohan stares at it with amazement. Suddenly Gohan begins to transform like all Saiyans do when
they look at the full moon. Transform into a giant ape! Gohan, the ape, begins to destroy
everything. Piccolo remembers the conversation between Goku and Raditz, and then blows up the moon. Gohan shrinks back down into a normal boy. Gohan is sleeping. Piccolo gives Gohan some new clothes and then pulls off his tail. Piccolo then flies off.


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