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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 78 - Keep the Chance Alive

Dragonball Z
Episode 78, "Keep the chance alive"

Goku continues drawing power from living things, stars, etc. for the spirit bomb.  Bulma talks to the frog, recalling scenes from Goku's childhood where he always won competitions.  On King Kai's planet, the four Ginyu Force guys introduce themselves and strike poses.  Frieza gets impatient with Goku ignoring him, and repeatedly punches and kicks.  Piccolo joins hands with Gohan and Krillin to send more power to Goku.  Frieza looks up and sees the spirit bomb for the first time.  He prepares to kill Goku with an energy blast from his finger, but Piccolo flies down and kicks Frieza, who is propelled far away and lands in the water.  Piccolo urges Goku to hurry up. 
Frieza reappears up in the air and is angry at Piccolo.  The four Ginyu Force guys prepare to attack Yamcha, Tien, Chaotsu, and King Kai.

Steve Anderson


Dragonball Z- English Dubbed
                  Frieza Saga- #78 Keep the Chances Alive

         Hey y'all! This is Kokopelli Dragonslayer. First of all, before my
review, I'd like to say that this site rox the house! It has everything
that I look for in a webpage. Three cheers for Pojo!

         We start off by seeing Goku and the Spirt Bomb in the air above us.
Frieza still doesn't know what is going on. In fact, he thinks that Goku
is watering the plants! Goku continues to gather energy and Frieza
becomes impaitent and starts to beat up Goku.
         Then, Goku hears Vegita's voice and hegets told all about his heritage
and the home planet that Frieza destroyed. Goku denies Vegita and then
Vaita says that it's Goku's heritage and all. While he's saying this
Vegita changes from his grown-up self to his young/kid self then to his
monkey self. There are some flash backs too.
         Goku starts to get more energy back and Frieza says that Goku was
dreaming and begins to beat him up again.
         Piccolo tells Gohan and Krillin to give Goku some of their powers,so
they join hands. And they start to glow.
         Back at King Kai's place, Bubbles runs out of the house with Gregory,
each of them sporting a bump on the head each. Everyone goes in to check
it out and finds, who else?, the Ginyu Force. They try to get their
routine in order and everyone watches them.
         Bulma is talking to the frog that is Captain Ginyu. She talks about how
Goku won every race when he was little and how he was never defeated.
There are flash backs to help out.
         Goku is still buildind up the Spirt Bomb, when Frieza finally notices
what it is. Took him long enough! He knows that Goku made it and he
thinks that it was supposed to be some sort of distraction. Then he gets
mad and goes all out on Goku.
         Piccolo says that they gave Goku enough energy and then he sees Goku
and begins to get Frieza. Frieza is knocked underwater. Piccolo tells
Goku to get more energy, but do they have a few minutes? With Frieza
quickly resurfacing can Goku do it? And will Piccolo hold out?


Here's da review:-

it start's with Goku powering up 4 the SApirit bomb and Piccolo intervenes to delay frieza. Piccolo sends a mighty blast @ Frieza! and they just battle, TNX AGAIN POJO!
ur'e biggest dbz fan!

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