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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 76 - Embodiment of Fire

My Name: Prince Vegeta
Series: Dragonball Z
Version: English dubbed
Episode: Episode 76-Embodiment of Fire
  Goku uses his Kaio-Ken attack on Frieza, but it doesn't even affect the monster, who is only at 50% of his maximum power level!  When it seems that Frieza has dealt the final attack, Goku is rescued by a dreamlike vision.  He then awakens to an even higher power level.  And the battle continues. 


Dragonball Z Episode summary - English Version - episode 76 - Embodiment of
fire - Name: Fatty McFatFat

The episode starts out with goku charging frieza into a large rock (which was already shown in the last episode). Goku tries to punch frieza, but he doges it and kicks goku in th back. The scene swithches to piccolo and gohan for a second then goes back to goku. Goku's elbowed in the face and hit with frieza's tail (as seen in the last episode). Ginyu in bulmas body starts laughing at kow easily frieza is winning and says somthing like "man, this guy is toast against frieza!" then piccolo who realizes that this can't be bulma shouts "Hey! Who are you?!". Ginyu tries to act like bulma again changing his voice and says "who, me?". Bulma (who is still a frog) tries to get gohans attentien by throwing little pebles at gohan and jumping up and down. Gohan finally realizes that Ginyu is in bulmas body. Suddenly ginyu chages forward and starts rapidly punching krillin in the head. Krillen blocks until ginyu stops, then looks at her kind of confused. Ginyu pants heavily and says "man , I'm never...going to beat them, in this body". He looks around and focuses on piccolo then decides he should change bodies with him. He shouts "Change Now!" and the golden aura surrounds him and heads toward piccolo. Krillen yells at piccolo to look out.
Piccolo: "I, Can't Move!"
Gohan: "Then It's up to me!"
Piccolo screams as Gohan picks up bulma the frog and throws it into the golden arua. Theres a bright flash, and once it clears piccolo says "what just happened gohan?". Gohan laughs because he sees that piccolo is still himself and not ginyu. Bulma looks at her hands and then jumps up and down now that she has her old body back. She runs up to krillen, gives him a friendly little smack on the head as krillen tells her "Its not safe here bulma, theres a battle going on and..." suddenly a few explosions take place in the background which sends bulma flying away along with ginyu (as a frog). Meanwhile Frieza is still beating up goku pretty easily. They fly around in the air as frieza makes a tight fist and hits goku hard into the ground. Frieza kickes him and sends him flying, then punches him in the stomach to send him flyiung toward the ground, but as he falls, frieza knees him in the back. He gets back up and the battle continues. They fly into the air, and frieza hits goku left and right as goku is barely able to defend himself. Frieza is only toying with him and says "come on, wheres the sport if you don't fight back?" After a little bit, goku seems to regain control of himself and escaped the beatings to land on a cliff. He looks tired and bruised. Frieza stares at him and then decides to use and attack that he hasn't used on goku yet. He sticks two fingers out behind his head and starts to power up a small ball of energy. He swings his arm and releases it and goku cries in terror as he thinks its heading right for him. He blocks, but when he moves his arms
he sees that the attack cut a huge crevice along the earth which completey split the planet into two halfs. Goku stares in amazment at the effect the attack had on the planet. Goku:"Wow! What an attack!"
Freiza: "I told you I could destroy this planet. Just as I destroyed the planet vegeta. Tell me, are you impressed by my handywork?"
Goku: "No...what if I....Can't beat him?!"

Gohan:"what did freiza just do?!"
Krillen: "He cut the planet into two halfs! but what I can't understand, is how come goku isn't even fighting back? somethings not right here, and we've got to find out what."
Piccolo: "Goku just realized the truth. No matter how string goku Thinks he is, Frieza's 100x stranger than him and he can't defeat him."

Frieza:"I can do this two ways. Fast, or painfully slow."
Goku stares silently at the destruction friezas attack did on the planet.
Freiza: "well if your not going to talk, then I'll just choose it for you!"

Meanwhile, on King Ki's planet, Yamcha askes tien what is going on. Tien:"from what I can understand, Goku tried using the Keoken attack, but it wasn't strong enough to overpower frieza, Isn't that right King Ki?" King Ki:"yes, it's just as I thought. Goku, WON'T win against
frieza...(sobbing) Goku could never defeat Freiza!"

Frieza: "how can I make this even more painful for you? I could break your arms, rip off both of your ears, or maybe I'll just crush in your tiny little cranium." Goku:"you may be stronger, 100X stranger than me, but I will do whatever it takes, even if it destroys me, to finish you off once and for all! to give you what you deserve." Frieza:"Your speech has put me to sleep...but I guess eveybody has to have last words, hahaha, before their torn to peices!" Freiza flies forward and again starts beating the crap out of the tired goku. He moves so fast you can't even see him. He hits goku until he falls to the groung nearly unconcious. He finds the willpower to get up again, but frieza only knocks him down, face first into the dirt. Goku lays there, not moving, until his hands slowly moves and he struggles to get up. When he stands, the weight of his own body causes him to collapse once again and so he leans on frieza's shoulder barely concious. Freiza:"after all those things you said, I thought you hated me." Goku regains conciousness and backs away from frieza. Frieza begins to strangle goku with his tail, Frieza:"Well, I really enjoyed beating you to death." then launches him upwards into the sky. Goku flies very high up, nearly looses his conciousness again, then falls back down toward the ground and lands in the lake they were fighting by. He sinks down deep, then opens his eyes and frantically tries to swim upwards toward the surface. When he pops his head up, a powerful fireball flies at his head, and he ducks, missing the blast by inches. He pops his head up again at a different place, only to have another fireball launched at his head. Again he ducks and dodges the ball. He looks up at the sky from underwater and sees a bunch of fireballs be shot in every direction. Realizing he can't hold his breath forever, he swims farther away and pops his head up once again, only this time, something thrusts him back under the water. Frieza stands above him, with one of his feet holding goku's head uderwater, laughing. Goku struggles in vain to breath and overpower frieza, but he is just to weak to do anything. He looses conciousness a nd stops moving. Then, goku has a vision. He sees the site at which the battle with the ginyu force was held, with many craters everywhere. We then see Krillen, lying on the ground...dead. Goku shouts his name. The scene then switches to earth, and we see everything burning. Goku calls out for his friends, but with no answer. We hear screaming. Next, we see all of goku's friends, one by one, laughing happily. Then suddenly, we see earth from space, Explode. Goku wakes up from his dream and opens his eyes. Frieza looks down and sees steam coming from the lake where goku was. Suddenly something bursts out from the spot and flies high into the air. Frieza follows it, and is shocked to find it was goku. This is probly my favorite part of the entire series. Goku stands in the air, flexing his muscles angrily and staring at frieza. He then lets out a vicious roar.
Gohan: "Look! its my dad!"
Krillen:" youre right! its goku!"
Goku:" The future of gohan...of chi chi, not to mention the future of the entire univers...IT ALL DEPENDS ON ME!" The flaming red aura of the keoken surrounds goku as he lets out a roar and powers up. Goku:"AND I DON'T CARE IF YOUR A MILLION TIMES STRONGER THAN ME! mark my words, I'M NOT GOING TO LET THEM DOWN!!! SO GET READY FRIEZA, CAUSE THIS TIME, YOUR GOING DOWN!" He lets out another furocious roar and powers up the keoken attack to an even higher level. The aura grows wider and wider, as the keoken reaches new levels of power and goes higher then its ever been. Goku shouts one last time, then charges at frieza and punches him in the face. This sends frieza flying, but goku catches up with him and hits him again. the force of the punch sends frieza flying once again, and goku quickly powers up a kamehameha and launches it at frieza. Frieza sticks out his arm to stop the blast, but finds it too powerful to stop. Goku pushes harder, and frieza fires a blast of his own in an attempt to stop it, but instead the force of the blast detonates the kamehameha and causes a huge explosion. When the dust clears, Goku stands in the position he was when he fired the blast, and frieza has his hand out and mumbles "Why you little" with a burnt mark on his hand. Goku:"Your, Mine Freiza..."

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