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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 71 - The End of Vegeta

 episode #71

in this episode frieza keeps punching vegeta while holding him with his tail
while goku heads 4 the battlefield when he arrives vegeta is lying on the
ground with very little power in him then goku says ``you must be frieza the
one responsible 4 all the horrible destruction on this planet'' then vegeta
says frieza`s going to die from goku`s attacks and that goku is a super sayin
then frieza gets pissed and fires a finger blast through vegeta`s chest then
vegeta`s trying to hang on 2 his life and talk 2 goku when frieza hears
goku`s sayin name he`s wondering who he is then he sees goku`s father in goku
and says he remembers seeing him when he destroyed the sayin planet then
vegeta starts to tell goku to not let his feelings get a hold of him and to
get rid of frieza for good goku refuses then vegeta starts 2 tell goku what
happened 2 the sayin planet and that frieza was responsible 4 it goku tells
vegeta to stop talking because it`s sapping all his energy but vegeta refuses
and continues talking telling goku to make frieza feel the pain that all the
other sayins felt and starts to shed tears his last words are for goku to
eliminate frieza and then he dies goku blasts a hole in the ground and buries
vegeta and says he`ll do whatever he can 2 fulfill vegeta`s request and then
faces off against frieza.

from snobdr450


# 71  English Version -  

Hi. My name is Eddie Swanson and I am doing a review on The End of Vegeta, # 71, in English. This is going to be a very short review.

In this episode of Dragonball Z Frieza is just plainly beating the heck out of Vegeta while the others watch. Then you see Goku arrive. Vegeta wastes his last energy telling Goku what happened to the rest of the Saiyans.  He then dies. Goku buries him and then he talks to Frieza and they are about to fight.

And that is the end of that episode of Dragonball Z!

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