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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 6 - Gohan Makes a Friend

Reviewed by Dbztape23 -

Episode 6 - Gohan Makes a Friend- Gohan wakes up and decides to wash his face.  Gohan begins to panic because his tail is gone and he has new clothes on.  He is sitting next to a waterhole when a giant crocodile snaps at him.  Gohan grabs a sword he finds and swings at it.  Suddenly, a tiger appears and begins to chase him.  Gohan jumps on top of a large rock when a huge vulture grabs him and flies off.  It drops Gohan between some mountains.  

A baseball game is going on when we meet Yamcha, an all-star baseball player with a couple scars on his face.  His companion is a small cat looking thing that flies around.  The pitcher hits the batter with the ball.  Yamcha is on deck.  He complains saying that he is a fighter, not a baseball player.  The pitcher hits another batter.  A fight breaks out.  The benches are cleared.  Yamcha goes into the fight excited.   He beats everyone up easily.  Krillen shows up by Yamcha.  They walk away.  Krillen and Yamcha and Plar, Yamcha’s companion, talk about what happened to Goku and Gohan.  Krillen says that Kame, the guardian of Earth, wants to train Krillen, Yamcha, and a man named Tien and Chouzu, whom you will meet a little later.  

It is raining and nighttime where Gohan is.  He picks some berries and finds a cave in which he builds a fire.  He remembers a scene in which his dad mixes some herbs to heal a cut on Gohan.  He is mixing the same herbs for himself.  It works.  Gohan drags in a fish he caught earlier.  The next morning, Goku is still running on Snakeway.  Gohan wakes up.  He leans back and his hand falls upon a dinosaur looking creature.  He runs outside the cave.  The he turns back to go into the cave to get his sword.  The dinosaur comes out and falls down.  There is a spear in its side.  Gohan pulls it out.  Gohan uses the same recipe from his father that he used on himself the night before on the dinosaur.  It works.  He picks some mushroom from the side of a mountain and eats them.  

He get a drink from a small waterfall.  He goes off to pick some berries for the dinosaur.  Meanwhile, Bulma, Krillen, Yamcha, and Plar are flying towards Kame’s Look-Out Tower, talking about how they are going beat the Saiyans when they arrive.  Gohan is in a tree picking some apples when he falls out and down the side of a cliff.  He decides to test his strength out by punching a rock.  It doesn’t do anything but hurt his hand.  But when he walks away, The rocks crumbles to pieces.  He goes back to his friend the dinosaur to find another dinosaur is kicking it.  The two creatures fight until Gohan cuts it with his sword.  It chases after Gohan.  He jumps on top of the dinosaur which flings him off.  Gohan is knocked out.  He wakes up and realizes the his friend has been killed.  He forces his tears back and starts to walk away.


DBZ reveiw by ashlee

It starts off with Gohan in a cave making ointment that his father taught him to do when he gets hurt. after applying it, he goes to  sleep.  In the morning he wakes up and realizes that the fruit he had in the corner of the cave is all gone (except the peels) and a giant dinosaur comes out and attacks him.  Gohan runs out of the cave screaming but stops after a while  because its not what his dad would do, and besides, he left his sword in there anyway.  so he goes back and realizes that the dinosaur wasn't really attacking at all, but it was injured with a big splinter in its side.  so gohan, being the generous little boy that he is, pulls the splinter out and makes some more ointment for the dinosaur’s enormous wound.  now it’s got a big leaf covering the hole where the splinter was.  

Then Gohan runs off to gather food for the dinosaur while bragging about how piccolo was wrong and that he doesn't have to be alone in the forest anymore because he made a friend.  for a while he brings back huge leaves full of fruit for his “friend” and the dinosaur eats it like nothing.  Then one time as Gohan returns with more fruit,  he realizes that his friend wasn't left alone, but there was another carnivorous dinosaur there with it.  gohan tries to save his new friend with the sword the piccolo gave him and it looks like he does pretty good to, until it throws him into a rock and knocks him out cold.  while gohan sleeps,  the  tyrannosaur eats his friend.  Gohan wakes up to a skeleton and almost begins to cry, and walks off into the distance.  Then the narrarator kicks in.


Samir Bashir

Gohan Makes A New Friend

(Episode 6)

The episode begins with Gohan getting up from his sleep to find that his tail was gone and that he had new clothes. But before he could fully wake up a crocodile and a cougar started to chase him. The cougar chased Gohan  right to an eagle’s nest. The eagle was startled by the commotion, picked up Gohan and took off. The eagle was then attacked by a flying dinosaur. As a result of the attack, the eagle dropped Gohan who landed pretty roughly in the dirt. Gohan was startled by the blast but he remained okay.

Meanwhile Yamcha’s baseball team were facing a lethal pitcher in the pennant race. This guy threw pitches right at people’s heads. The coach of Yamcha’s team agreed to pay him 20 000 dollars if he won this game.  Yamcha did not get a chance, however, as a fight broke out when a player retaliated when the pitcher threw the ball at him. Yamcha did not realize that there was a fight going on until later but when did he immediately joined in the fireworks. Yamcha had some fun with the other players as he was much stronger than them.

Yamcha then saw Krillin amongst the smoke and Krillin asked to speak with him. In the stadium entrance, Krillin told Yamcha about what happened over the past few days.  Yamcha couldn’t believe what had happened.  Then Yamcha met Bulma for the first time in a few years and they didn’t seem to be getting along.

Meanwhile Gohan struggling to get to a cave before the heavy rain begins to fall. He does so, but in the process injures himself. Gohan then put a herbal ointment on his injury which stung like crazy. After that Gohan goes to sleep. The next morning he wakes up to a find a dinosaur in the cave with him. But this dinosaur was not a carnivore so there was no cause for alarm. Gohan realized that it had been hurt and Gohan helped the dinosaur heal his injury. Also Gohan got the dino some food, but it wasn’t enough! On the way back in the getting the food for his friend, he tries to jump from the mountain down towards surface ground and he was able to do it.

When Gohan returns he finds his friend in a struggle with a giant T-Rex. Gohan tried to help but dinosaur slammed Gohan with his tail before he was able to attack with his sword.

When Gohan got up he found that his friend was long gone. Gohan was sad but all he could do was to surge forward. What will happen on the next Dragonball Z?  You’ll see.


Dragonball Z
English Version
Episode #6
Gohan Makes a Friend

Last time, Gohan was in the middle of training. He was sent to live in the wilderness alone for six months and is doing pretty well for his first time especially. Last night Gohan woke up and saw the full moon for the first time and transformed into a giant ape. Piccolo blew up the moon, Gohan transformed back into human form, and Piccolo removed his tail so he would never transform again. Then Piccolo gives Gohan new clothes and a sword.

THIS TIME, Gohan wakes up a little shocked that he's got a sword and new clothes. He tries to get up and walk but falls down because his tail is gone and he's not used to keeping his balance without it. Eventually Gohan gets the hang of it and goes up to the lake to wash his face, and a crocodile jumps up and snaps at him. Gohan runs away and then a lion or something (cougar?) starts to chase him, right into an eagle's nest, then the eagle picks up Gohan, then the eagle is attacked by a pteridactyl and drops Gohan, who has a crash landing in the dirt. Gohan is not having a very good morning.

Meanwhile, you see Yamcha for the first time, and his cat friend Puar. Yamcha is an all star baseball player and he keeps falling asleep. Yamcha's boss is bribing him with money so that Yamcha will do good during the game. Before Yamcha actually gets IN the game, a fight breaks out and Yamcha's all excited so he decides to join the fight too. Then Krillin comes up to tell Yamcha to be trained by Kami and Yamcha agrees. Yamcha also sees Bulma, and they snap at each other awhile, then they get going.

It is dark out and raining where Gohan is. Gohan has to get food and stuff and then goes in a cave. Somehow he hurts himself, and he is thinking what to do when he has a flashback:
"Goku and Gohan are in the forest, and Gohan hurt himself, so Goku gets a leaf and rubs it with a stick to squeeze this ancient remedy out of it. Goku puts it on Gohan's wound but it stings like crazy so Gohan turns away, then Goku says that he knows it stings but it has to be done. Eventually the ointment gets to Gohan's injury and Gohan starts screaming but at least it worked."
Gohan reluctantly makes the remedy himself. It works. Gohan goes to sleep. The next morning, Gohan wakes up and reaches for his sword but touches a dinosaur instead! Gohan panics and runs out of the cave, breathing really fast, and he says his heart feels like it's going to pop out of his chest soon. Gohan then stops himself from running further and says that his dad wouldn't run, so he wasn't going to, and besides his sword was in there. Gohan goes back in the cave and sees the dino. The dinosaur is a herbavor so it won't harm Gohan.
The dino is hurt, it has a big splinter in its side. Gohan pulls the splinter out, but the dinosaur still has a wound where it was. Gohan makes the ancient remedy thing again but with a way bigger leaf, and puts it on the dino's wound. The dino roars in pain, then Gohan quotes his dad and says he knows it stings but it has to be done. He doesn't do a very good imitation but what can you do, he's five years old and he wants to be like his dad, what's wrong with that?
Gohan gets the dino tons of food but the dino eats it all in one gulp. Gohan underestimated the dino's appetite. Gohan goes to get more food and gets up to this big mountain. He appears to be afraid of heights, but Gohan says "I guess today's the day" and, in a very freaked out way, jumps off and is able to land it. Woo hoo!
Gohan returns with the food but his new friend is battling a huge t-rex. Gohan attacks the t-rex with his sword but it is too late, his friend is long gone. Gohan starts crying sort of but then keeps walking proudly after he gets over it.


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