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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 68 - Another Transformation

DBZ - English
Samir Bashir

Another Transformation

The episode begins with Piccolo being beat up by Freiza. An angered Gohan then unleashed his Musenko on Freiza. Vegeta and Krillin could not believe how much power Gohan had. Freiza was trying to control Gohan’s blast but he wasn’t able to. Freiza then finally gained control and reflected the blast right at Gohan.  However Piccolo to save the day by changing the course of the blast. Freiza couldn’t believe how much power Gohan had and thinking of a way to get around it.

Gohan saw Freiza still standing and knew he was in trouble as he had used up all of his energy. Vegeta then tells Krillin to punch Vegeta so he could be healed by Dende and become twice as strong.

Meanwhile Freiza begins to transform into his highest stage.

Krillin then finally to Vegeta’s daring plan and punched him in the chest.  Dende was near Vegeta but refused to heal him and went to heal Piccolo instead.  After healing Piccolo, the three Z fighters tell Dende that he must heal Vegeta as it was their only chance.

Meanwhile, Freiza’s outer body layer was beginning to crack and then it broke revealing the new Freiza.  Although his final form didn’t look at all scary, the power he contained was enormous. At the same time, Dende healed Vegeta. Vegeta kicked Dende for not coming sooner.  


Another Transformation?

By Monster Ringmaster

Gohan rushes towards Frieza to save his mentor. Piccolo is getting struck with all these Dodonpas (Finger Blasts) until Gohan tries to kick Frieza, but misses, so he flies up and unleashes another Masenko on Frieza. Frieza starts to have a rough time controlling it. Suddenly, he bounces it straight back at the little warrior. Piccolo comes to the rescue by blasting the Masenko into little pieces. After bouncing it back, Frieza starts to get worried. Vegeta, realizing that a Saiyan's power grows after injuries, tells Krillin to beat him up, so Dende can heal him. Frieza starts his final transformation. Bulma begins to freak out when she finds some pink blobs flying around.

Krillin, reluctantly, fires a big blast through Vegeta's chest. Vegeta approaches Dende who flies away.Gohan gts him to heal Piccolo, then he and Krillin persuade their healing friend to help Vegeta. Frieza, somehow, spots this and, menacingly, smiles. His body starts to crack and, finally, it explodes. Everyone, except Vegeta, looks on in horror at the new Frieza. Vegeta looks like he has big plans for Frieza. And in the next episode, Frieza has some major plans of his own; watch out Dende, he has

his evil eyes set on you.


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