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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 67 - Frieza's Second Transformation

Review by: Samir Bashir

Freiza’s Second Transformation

(Episode 67)

The episode begins with Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin discussing if Piccolo could beat Freiza. Vegeta didn’t think so.

Freiza then confronts Piccolo and after a long silence gives Piccolo a few punches. Freiza then launched Piccolo into a boulder, but Piccolo was not down. He then takes off his weighted clothing and after a few stretches began to power up. Krillin realized that Piccolo was gathering the enrgy from Nail to lash it out on Freiza.

Piccolo then begins to attack Freiza head on. Freiza was stunned. Piccolo then threw him to the ground. For good measure he started to fire hundreds of blasts at Freiza. Freiza was unscathed. He then revealed to Piccolo that he could transform two more stages and that all of his (Piccolo’s) efforts were against a weak Freiza. He then began to transform. The evil powerhouse changed shape with new horns and a face and spinal structure that made him look like a lizard. In other words he was hideous.

The new Freiza began to attack Piccolo, as he was much faster than Piccolo gained the advantage instantly. Vegeta now knew that he had no way out until he saw Dende and that made him think of a plan.  Piccolo then tried to attack Freiza he missed at every opportunity. Freiza fought back and with the greatest of ease won. Freiza then began to shoot rays at Piccolo. Piccolo was helpless against Freiza’s attacks. Gohan couldn’t stand it and went off to aid Piccolo. Krillin tried to come but Vegeta stopped him.  He then told him that it would be better to him instead of Freiza. Krillin couldn’t understand.

Now with Gohan about to attack will he be able to come to Piccolo’s aid? Find out on the next Dragonball Z.


Frieza's Second Transmformation
Frieza had just recently transformed and was fighting with Piccolo, who had fused with Nail.
Frieza was still fighting and the tables kept turning, sometimes to Piccolo, others to Frieza.Now it was Frieza who was getting the upperhand, as he slammed the Dual-Namek ino a mountainside. "Piccolo!" "Don't worry, Gohan.It's not over until the fat lady sings." "Well it sounds to me, she just hummed a few bars!"
Just then Piccolo emerged from the rubble and took off his weighted cape and turban, cracked his knuckles and neck and got ready to fight some more. "I must congratulate you for your courage, but that's all one could expect from a Namek." "Sticks and stones, Frieza!"
A yellow aura started to surround Piccolo as he started to power up rapidly.Krillin realized what he was doing. "He's gathering the energy from inside Nail and putting it all on Frieza." When he'd finished, Piccolo grabbed Frieza and flew him up, then slammed him down into the ground and 'for good measures', he used a Rapid Fire technique.
But Piccolo's efforts were to no avail, for Frieza was only a little scuffed. "Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present the most amazing transformation ever witnessed!" Suddenly Frieza was covered by a black/red/purple aura.He let out a yell as he grew horns out of his back.Then the pads on his elbows opened out and pricked up to make them like elbow pads.Then his face started to bulge out, his nose vanished in the process of the area from where his nose used to be to his chin, bulged out to clear visibility.His skull started an expansion, his horns were being overcome with skull, therefore making new white horns where his black ones used to be.He grew new white ones near the top of his long skull.Frieza had transformed again.
"So tell me, how do I look? I may not win any beauty contest, but I'll kick your tail!" Piccolo escaped from Frieza, but the iguana-like monster as a lot faster than the Namek.Then Frieza started using Dodonpa, (Finger Blast), on Piccolo.Gohan can't take anymore and flies off to help his mentor.Meanwhile Vegeta concocted a scheme to get Dende to heal him, so he could become a Super Saiyan.Is Frieza too much to handle? Find out in the summary of 'Another Transformation?!'
DBZ is better than Pokemon because there are more twists and turns in the plots, while Pokemon seems to have the same type of adventures with only slight differences.
Ashley Smith
English Dubbed Episode of DBZ


I'm Brian and I'm writing a review for DBZ American Episode # 67, dubbed "Frieza's Second Transformation". Enjoy.
It starts with Piccolo and Frieza throwing down. Piccolo's Power is about 880,000 while Frieza's is 1,000,000. But Piccolo is now one with Nail. And since Nail battled Frieza, Piccolo can predict his every move. Piccolo pounds Frieza into the ground and pummels him with a volley of ki blasts. There's a big explosion. Gohan Krillin and Vegeta think Piccolo defeated Frieza. Boy are the wrong. Frieza is somehow above the explosion. He lands on a rock in front of the Super Namek.He says that Piccolo's problem is that he doesn't understand how strong he really is. Frieza then reveals that he still has TWO more transformations. Piccolo calls Frieza's bluff. Frieza quickly shuts the Namek up...with another transformation!!! He keels over and big spikes sprout from his back. His "shoulder pads" spike up as well. His face begins to expand. The purple on his forehead begins to stretch vertically. So now he has a really big forehead. In other words, he looks twisted and foul. His voice is also all distorted. Piccolo starts flying up, thinking he's faster. Frieza appears in front of him. Piccolo flies the other way. Same thing. Frieza then fires small but deadly blasts at Piccolo, which tear his clothes and burn his skin. Piccolo screams in agony as Frieza rapidly blasts him. Not willing to watch Piccolo die again, Gohan erupts in rage and anger. Krillin tries to stop him but Vegeta grabs Krillin and tells him to beat him up. The episode ends at a freeze frame, with the vile Frieza blasting a dying Piccolo, with Gohan about to intervene.



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