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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 65 - Gohan Attacks

In the beginning you will see Gohan doing his last attack. Everyone is watching Frieza. Sunddenly Frieza turns around and he appears to haven't got a scratch! Frieza is pissed at Gohan and suddenly you'll see Krillin. He's healed by Dende and has got his powers back again. He throws a Destructo Disc at Frieza but he only noticed it before cutting his tail off. Frieza is maga-pissed now. Krillin fly's away but Frieza follows him. Krillin hide's him self and Frieza is going to play a sort of hide-'n-seek with him. Krillin jumps in the water and jumps out to surprise Frieza. Frieza wants to attack Krillin but Krillin does his Solarflash ( a big beam of a kind of sunlight ). Frieza is stunned and Krillin goes back to the other guys. Gohan is healed by Dende too and is his old self again. Frieza thinks thay are immortal now. Suddenly you'll see a character in a dot of light. It's Piccolo! Piccolo challenges Frieza for a fight, Vegeta thinks Piccolo is crazy. But Piccolo has a fighting power of 880,000! The episode ends now. The next episode is going to be kick ass.


Gohan Attacks

by Pangfang, the Wolf Master

Gohan is blasting Frieza like crazy for stabbing Krillin through the chest while Vegeta looks on. Finally, Gohan lets fly an attack called Masenko. Vegeta is thinking that there could be no way that Gohan could be able to get Frieza while Gohan is mourning Krillin. Suddenly, Dende pops out of the water with Krillin and reassures Gohan that Krillin is still breathing. Vegeta, suddenly, tells Gohan that Frieza is still alive. Frieza gets up, all dusty and recovers. He lunges at Gohan and jabs him down. Jus when Frieza's about to hit Gohan some more, Vegeta steps in and blasts Frieza from behind. Yet Frieza still stands. He starts to punish Gohan some more. The young warrior kicks at Frieza, but gets knocked down. In the uncut version, Frieza steps on Gohan's head until,

"Destructo Disc!", a disc cuts off Frieza's tail! It's Krillin! Frieza dodges some more discs while Krillin invites Frieza to get him in the lower region of the back. (Backside!) Frieza's now annoyed and chases Krillin into a crevice. I like this sequence and my sister who hates Dragonball Z found this quite funny. Krillin flies right into Frieza and runs away, then does it again, this time funnier, does it round the whole crevice. Then he hides in a crack, so Frieza blasts him out. Then Krillin hides in a lake. Soon Krillin has to come out. Frieza, annoyed at Krillin for cuting off his tail, punches at Krillin who does a Solar Flare to blind Frieza. Dende is with Gohan and puts his hands above him. His attenae glow, then Gohan glows. Suddenly, the young warrior gets up. Krillin arrives and explains that Dende has a healing power. Frieza, recovered from the Solar Flare, arrives and watches Gohan power up. Knowing that he had just floored Gohan thinks that they had wished for immortality. Vegeta tells tehm to blast Frieza and afterwards Frieza stand firm and tall. Gohan goes toattack head on followed by Krillin and Vegeta. Suddenly a flash of light appears and reveals Piccolo. He lands with Frieza and gets ready to fight. Can Piccolo the Namekian warrior defeat Frieza or will it be vice-versa? Find out on Deja Vu, trustme it's gonna be a wild fight.


Gohan Attacks

The episode starts off with Gohan finishing his attack, with his barrage of ki blasts, then a Manseko. Vegita is left in disbelief at Gohan's power. Then Vegeta realizes Freeza's state. Their are no cut, or any lose of blood from him. Just then Gohan remembers Krillin. Then Dende brings him up from the waters below. Freeza gets up and is really pissed off. As he hoovers up from the island below, and then kicks Gohan to the island. Gohan gets up and kicks a lot, but just misses. Freeza knees Gohan in the stomach, and tells Vegita he's next. All of a sudden, Krillin pops out of know where and does alot of Destrusto Discs, thus cutting off Freeza's Tail. Now he's really pissed. Krillin starts taunting him and takes off flying, going through canyons, under water. After all that Freeza thinks it is a game. Krillin does a Sullar Flare and fly's off. Freeza, is blined by the light. Vegita hoovers in shock as Dende heals Gohan. Krillin arrives and states that the mission is acomplished. Vegita screams at Krillin, "Why didn't you tell me he can do that?" Krillin responds, "We didn't know, or we would have used him too heal Goku." Freeza returns, all of a sudden this big ball of light appears and everyones in awe. Then they realize it's Piccillo and he says that he would take on Freeza by himself, then tells Dende to find a place to hide as Dende was finding out that Piccillo was a Namak.
(End of Episode) - Dark Boarder 09


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