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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 64 - Fighting Power - 1 Million??

 by Ashley

Fighting Power:One Millon
Frieza had been challenged to show his true form by Vegeta and he accepted.His muscles bulged and in the process, his armour broke.Shatters of Frieza's armour flew about.Vegeta cut his cheek on one of the pieces. "Big deal.You grew two inches and got rid of your armour.Not very much of a transformation." Frieza told Vegeta how arrogant he was, just like his father.Then he told the trio about how King Vegeta used to obey him, but turned on him ahd lost his life in the process. He, then, told them about how he blew up the Planet Vegeta so easily.After his explantion, he screamed while releasing vile energy.He was surrounded by a pink/red aura.
Bulma was all alone, outside her cave when all of a sudden, "RAARGH-GH-GH-GH!", there were dinosaurs, all running towards her, or so it seemed.They were just frightened. "What on Earth, could they THEY be scared of?!"
Frieza was still at his big, terrifying transformation.His fingers, hands, arms, legs and feet all started to bulge and expand in size.His horns started to grow upwards.His outlines started to glow white.He started shining.
Piccolo, who had fused with Nail, was still flying towards the scene.He started to sense Frieza's power level. "Woah, now it feels like there's ten Friezas!"
Frieza had stopped shining.He had fully transformed.He had horns like a bull's. His tail had grown super-long.His chest had bulged out.He shot out his long tail at Gohan and Krillin, they barely dodged it. "Wow!" "Yeah, auto-wind." While he was coiling his tail back, Frieza said something that, no-one could believe. "Oh, by the way Vegeta, did I happen to mention that my power level in this form is over 1,000,000 ?!" "No, that's impossible!Even for him!" "A non-believer, huh!"Frieza started to make a tidal wave that covered the entire vicinity of where Goku was healing.He, then, made a tornado and Vegta, Dende, Gohan and Krillin were all it's vitims.
After the twister, Gohan looked for Krillin, but when he found him, "You're hurt.", he had a bad cut on his head. "Nah, it's just a scratch." "Oh, what's wrong?" Frieza was back again. "It's a perfect day to die, wouldn't you say Vegeta.I mean, the sea is sparkly blue, there's not a cloud in the sky, it's positively perfect.Now I just need to decide who's gonna die first." He eyed the trio menacingly.He closed his eyes. Then "RAARGH-GH-GH!", Frieza flew off into to a strike towards Krillin and since no-one except Krillin could even WATCH him properly, let alone STOP him, Krillin threw Dende out of the way of harm and got stabbed in the stomach! "NO KRILLIN!" "KRILLIN, NO-O-O-O-O!!!" "Can't be!" "That's one down." With that, he threw Krillin into the sea.

Desperate to save his friend, Gohan flew down, but Frieza came out of nowhere and barred his way. "You think you can save him, sorry(!) It's too late!" Then Gohan looked super ticked."YOU, ANIMAL-AL-AL!!"

With that, he kicked Frieza in the side of his head, then he used the Technique of Great Variety on him.Then he blasted him.As soon as he did that, he used the Rapid Fire technique.Is Frieza finished by a mere half-Saiyan boy?
Find out in the summary of "Gohan Attacks" or "Piccolo the Super Namek".


It all begins when they show Freeza Transforming into his 2nd stage. After he is done, he tells everybody that his fighting power is one million ( Vegeta shocked). "Now how should I destroy first?"said Freeza while looking at Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan. "You!" he said while speeding up to Krillin. Freeza had put his horn right through Krillins chest. Krillin fell down to the sea while Freeza was laughing. Freeza scenced a big power level and looked at Gohan ( he was pissed off!). In that instant, Gohan kicked Freeza and Strated to Do a very Powerful Masenko attack. Vegeta was speech less and thinking that Gohan had a higher power level than Freeza. All these beams came out and hit Freeza. At the end "MA..SEN..KOOO!!" shouted Gohan.  This is the End of that episode!

Ahmed Alahmady


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