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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 60 - Captain Ginyu ... The Frog

Episode 60

“Captain Ginyu... The Frog”

Vegeta is about to make the final blow on “Goku”. “Goku” uses the body change. With his last amount of energy, “Ginyu” jumps in front of the blast.  Goku is now in his original form. Vegeta is confused who is who. Gohan senses that it is the real Goku. Ginyu now has a plant to change with Vegeta. Goku gets up and charges a Kamehameha but cannot control it. Ginyu is about to change, but Vegeta is too fast and flies behind him. Vegeta then seriously kicks the crap out of Ginyu. Vegeta then fires his famous Gatling Gun. Lots of explosion. Vegeta beats him some more. A frog happens to come burrowing out of the ground. Ginyu continues to taunt Vegeta. Vegeta flies toward Ginyu ready to beat him to a pulp, but Ginyu is about to change again! Goku notices the frog and picks it up. He then throws it in front of Vegeta. Ginyu is not the frog. Vegeta is confused once again. Vegeta learns what just happens and is about to stomp on the “frog”. He stops once Goku makes fun of him. He didn’t want to get frog guts on his news boots in the first place! Vegeta takes Goku to the medical room. Goku sees the needle and tries to get away.  Gohan is ashamed of his father. Vegeta puts Goku in the Isolation Chamber to heal Goku. Vegeta says it would take about a hour. We are now back to ail getting beaten by Frieza trying to stall time. Guru tries to stay alive so the Dragonballs will last. Dende is now flying faster then ever. Vegeta then gives Gohan and Krillin some Saiyan Armor. Krillin and Gohan are picky and want the armor Vegeta has. Vegeta says it isn’t a fashion show and feels quite akward. Krillin decides to check on Guru and get the password. What is in store for Krillin? Will he make it to Guru’s and back without running in to Frieza?


Solarice Webmaster
Captain Ginyu the frog

Ginyu tries to change with Vegeta but Goku steps forth and he is normal.
But badly hurt.Vegeta beat up Ginyu.Goku realizes when Ginyu gets hurt he
changes with somebody.So goku threw a frog in front of Vegeta and Ginyu
was weak.Vegeta goes in Friezas ship with Goku Gohan and Krillin.Vegeta
brought Goku into the Rejuvination Tank and gave sayain armour to Krillin
and Gohan.Frieza is finishing off Nail.Goku will need an hour in that tank.

Will Nail be able to kill enough time or Frieza?Will goku heal in time?And what
will happen to the dragonballs?Find out next episode.

Next time on dragonballz!Porugona is sommoned.Which wish will be granted
immortality,Vegetas Power,or Goku's Buddies.

Password is Porungona

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