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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 5 - Gohan's Metamorphosis 

Reviewed by Dbztape23 -

Gohan says that he is ready to begin training. Piccolo says that the first part of the training is to survive off the land for one whole week by himself. If he can do this, then Piccolo will teach him to fight. Piccolo then flies off. Goku is still running on Snakeway when finds a quicker way to go. Jumping! But as he is jumping he nearly falls off the edge! Meanwhile, Gohan is being chased by a dinosaur. Gohan gets away, barely, by escaping to the top of a skinny mountain. He is too scared to try to climb back down. Krillen is practicing what he is going to say to Chi-Chi, when he tells her what happened to Goku and Gohan.  Chi-Chi opens the door, followed by her father, the Ox-King. 

They invite Krillen in for dinner.  That night, Gohan is laying on top the small mountain, shivering and hungry. He finds that two apples have appeared out of no where. He gobbles them up fast. Piccolo is watching from a distance. He put the apples there. Chi-Chi is getting angry, because Gohan and Goku haven't returned yet. Krillen is sitting up in bed in Chi-Chi's house, worrying about how he will break the
news to Chi-Chi. He sneaks out of the house. The next morning, Krillen is flying towards
Roshi's island. Gohan wakes up and looks over the edge of the mountain to see a stampede of buffalo looking creatures racing by below him. At the island, Bulma is mad at Krillen because he didn't tell Chi-Chi about the news. Roshi says he is going to write a letter to Chi-Chi. Oxking and Chi-Chi are flying around looking for Goku and Gohan. 

Bulma is working on the scouter.  She finally gets it to work. She tests it out on Roshi. His power level is 139. Krillen's is 206.  The pet turtle's power level is .001. The turtle can talk. A man named Yajirobee. Knocks on the door. He is a fat rude man with long black hair. He says Krillen needs to go to Karin Tower.  That is a huge tower in the sky where a cat named Karin lives. Krillen needs to got here for special training. After he leaves, Oxking and Chi-Chi show up. Everyone panics. Chi-Chi demands to know where Gohan and Goku are. Roshi explains to Chi-Chi. Oxking is shocked and Chi-Chi fainted. 

Piccolo is watching Gohan from afar that night. The full moon is out and Gohan stares at it with amazement. Suddenly Gohan begins to transform like all Saiyans do when
they look at the full moon. Transform into a giant ape! Gohan, the ape, begins to destroy
everything. Piccolo remembers the conversation between Goku and Raditz, and then blows up the moon. Gohan shrinks back down into a normal boy. Gohan is sleeping. Piccolo gives Gohan some new clothes and then pulls off his tail. Piccolo then flies off.


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