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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 58 - Calling the Eternal Dragon

At the start we see Vegeta looking down at Frieza’s ship which is surrounded by guards. Frieza isn’t there but he knows the Dragon Balls are here because of all the guards. He flies down and kills the guards but cannot find the Dragon Balls anywhere in the ship.  Ginyu and Jiece are flying to the ship with Ginyu admiring his new body in the reflection in the water while Goku falls while flying because he isn’t used to the bulky body of Ginyu.

Vegeta washes up and gets changed, amazed at how fast the senzu bean healed him.

Gohan and Krillin arrive at the ship and Vegeta spies at them from behind the ship. Gohan and Krillin use the Dragin radar to find the Dragon Balls are buried in the ground and dig them up. They try to summon the Eternal Dragon, but when nothing happens, they remember they need a password. They feel Ginyu and Jiece coming and hide behind a rock.  When Ginyu and Jiece arrive, Krillin thinks Ginyu is Goku and comes out from behind the rock asking him if he knew the password. Gohan yelled to Krillin that it wasn’t his dad before Ginyu hit him in the back of the head. They find out it isn’t Goku.  Back with Goku, he tries to sense where Gohan is, but can’t sense in Ginyu’s body.

Krillin asks them where Goku is and Gohan and Krillin fight Ginyu with Ginyu dominating.  Goku finally arrives and tells Krillin and Gohan his body was taken over by Ginyu and Gohan imagines life with Goku in Ginyu’s body.

Goku tells them they can defeat Ginyu because he doesn’t know the secret of Goku’s body. Ginyu laughs and starts powering up telling Jiece to read his power level. End of Episode.

By Bojack_666

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