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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 56 - Frieza Approaches

Samir Bashir -

Goku is powering up to extreme levels as he passed 117 000 mark. Jeice then remarks that he is only 3 thousand away from Ginyu’s maximum.

When Goku reached 140 000 Ginyu started to have a nervous breakdown. Ginyu then threw a huge rock at the powering up Goku. It disintegrated in the aura surrounding Goku. After that Ginyu threw some energy discs but they were deflected right back at Capt.  Ginyu and Jeice. Goku finally reaches his max power level of 180 000. Goku then tells Ginyu that they do not have to fight and if he apologizes he would be let go. Ginyu then tells Goku that he will not bow down to anybody.

Meanwhile Bulma is searching for the dragonballs, when she arrives at a destroyed Namekian village. All the Nameks were destroyed. Bulma now knew what a terrible situation it was and hoped Goku would come sooner.

Meanwhile Guru and Dende sense that Nail had returned. Guru was upset at Nail for not helping the earthlings. Nail explained to Guru that he needed to be there in Guru’s last hour. Guru said that there was nothing he could do.

Gohan then spots the cave and the two warriors entered the vicinity. Bulma had gone! Gohan then realized that she took the air-motorbike from a track from one of the tires. Krillin and Gohan then flew in the direction where Bulma had gone.

Dende then left to receive the password from Guru but before he did Guru gave him the power to heal. Dende then set off on his journey. Meanwhile Freiza is almost at his destination when Dende passes by. Freiza doesn’t take much notice of him. Freiza then arrives at Guru’s place. Nail comes out to greet him. After exchanging a few words three Namekians arrive and try to attack Freiza. Nail tells them not to but they still do and everyone of them blown away by Freiza’s breath. Nail then tells Freiza that he cannot kill Guru because if he does the dragonballs will disappear. Now Freiza cuts through the window to greet Guru. He cannot kill him so he takes Guru’s insults.  Guru then tells Freiza that Nail will face Freiza as Nail possesses special training and is much more powerful any other Namekian. The battle is now set, Nail versus Freiza. What will be the outcome? Find out on the next Dragonball Z.

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